The Six Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes (and How Hitch Can Fix Them)

We were inspired by this article on So, Hitch Design Studio wanted to share some “mistakes” and “fixes” for wedding invitations that we commonly see while designing couples’ wedding invitations.

We believe that designing you custom designed wedding invitations will be a more stress-free and guess-proof option than online or DIY invitations. You can read more about the benefits of “going custom” here.

To add to the list from the article above, here are the six most common wedding invitations mistakes and how Hitch can help you avoid them!

Mistake #1: Running out of time to assemble the invitations

We see some brides scrambling to tie twine, glue crystals, attach backing cards and wrap ribbon in order to send out their invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. Most people don’t realize what a large undertaking this project can be (especially when you have 200+ invitations to send!). Plan more than just one sitting to complete your invites, ask friends and family to help and don’t rush!

Hitch fix: If you’re short on time, one of the additional services we provide is assembling, addressing, stamping and mailing invitations. We can handle the tape gun like a pro and have tied many a bow to make sure it’s as flat as it can be going through the mail. Stress free, right?

Mistake #2: Trying to add too many design details

It’s okay to be sentimental about your stationery! We are, too. However, we believe that when it comes to invitations, less really is more. Expecting to incorporate every design you loved on Pinterest is going to end up looking cluttered and messy.

Hitch fix: Show us three or four of your favorite motifs and color schemes and we’ll help you narrow it down to the most important design elements to help convey your theme simply and effectively. That’s our job as designers!

Mistake #3: Postage panic

Some brides rush to purchase the postage before the invitations are assembled. Without knowing an accurate weight, it’s not a good idea to purchase any stamps before your invitations are printed. Often times, wedding stationary is heavy (over 2 oz) or a little too thick, requiring extra postage (like a $0.71 stamp or more).

Also, we see many couples that forget to stamp the RSVP cards. This is an important part!

Hitch fix: We can recommend postage for you! If we think your invite might require extra postage, we make a trip to the post office for you to find out for sure. We buy stamps while we’re there, saving you a trip! If you plan to estimate postage, take one fully assembled invitation to the post office to determine the correct postage. (And buy those RSVP stamps!)

For more tips on postage on your wedding invitations, read this!

Mistake #4: Letting typos slide

Don’t misspell your in-law’s names or miss a number in the hotel accommodations phone number. You think it won’t happen, but it does. Enlist the help of close friends and family to carefully review your invitation before printing. Keep in mind, we don’t know the spelling of your relative’s names, so it’s up to you to provide us accurate information.

Hitch fix: We always provide a PDF and printed proof copy to our couples in advance of the final printing, so you can see your invite progress every step of the way. Take advantage of both proofs by asking your grammar-obsessed friends and detail-oriented relatives to review it!

Mistake #5: Too much color

Yes, your wedding colors are coral and navy blue. But that doesn’t mean your entire invitation needs to be only those two colors. Same with envelopes — reading black writing on a navy blue envelope doesn’t fare well through the postage machines.

Hitch fix: We suggest incorporating a neutral color such as white, cream, gray or tan into your color scheme. This will “ground” the design of the invitations and make the most important text readable.

Mistake #6: Ordering too many invitations or not ordering enough

Finalize your guest list before placing your invitation order. This is the only truly accurate way to know how many invitations you need to order. Ordering too many is wasteful, and ordering too few can cause costly charges in shipping and re-printing by having to order a small number.

Hitch fix: We suggest finalizing your guest list, then ordering 5-10 extra. This provides flexibility to add last-minute guests (if needed) and builds in a margin of error for assembly of the invitations. You’ll want to keep one as a keepsake as well. Remember that each family receives an invitation, not each guest.

Why hire an expert at all? Hiring an expert to design your wedding invitations means we also know every term on THIS list so you don’t have to navigate it!  😉 We also know wedding invitation wording, etiquette, alternatives and are experts at helping you define your style.

We hope this list is helpful to you! If you are in need of wedding invitations, contact us today to set up a consultation!




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