Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations: Online, DIY or Custom?

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your big day. Every element of your invitation – the paper, colors, fonts, wording and images – express how your wedding day will look and feel.

At Hitch Design Studio in Brookings, South Dakota, we design custom wedding invitations. With a custom invitation by Hitch, we envision any of your close friends or family opening your invitation and having no doubt who sent it! (You know…when they open it and say “Oh. This is so ____insert your names here_____!”)

Our goal is to create an invitation that reflects your personal style. One couple got engaged in a hot air balloon, so we did a “Love is in the air” wedding theme for them. Even their invitation had a vintage hot air balloon on it. They love Oreos and Scrabble, so we incorporated those things into their wedding day as well! Your invitation is no different. Tell us what you love (from leopard print to vintage cars) and we’ll make sure your invite reflects you as a couple.

So, what are your other choices for wedding invitations?

In addition to custom invitations, there are also two other options available to the modern bride:

  • Ordering online wedding invitations
  • DIY wedding invitations

Online Wedding Invitations

Online invitations can be created on large-scale websites. They offer fillable forms, paper selection and color choices. However, there are some drawbacks to using online wedding invitation creation:

  • Few paper choices
  • Limited color choices
  • Limited design choices
  • Loss of individuality
  • Colors and designs may be different than how they appear on the computer screen.
  • Proofing is your responsibility. If “marrage” is spelled incorrectly – there won’t be anyone to catch this error.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Many brides envision sitting around the kitchen table with their bridesmaids, mother and sisters creating DIY invites. However, a large guest list can make this task time consuming, stressful and expensive. Consider adding DIY elements to your special day on a smaller-scale project. This might save your budget (and your best friend from lots of paper cuts).

Midwestern bride, Kali Cavner, added a handmade element to her special day without the extra work and expense of handmade invitations.

Kali said, “Instead of table numbers, we had little cards with famous love quotes on them which really added a romantic element to the table decor. Those could easily be DIY-ed as either handwritten famous love quotes or to be even more personal, handwritten notes between the bride and groom.”

Custom Wedding Invitations

 At Hitch, we specialize in creating customized wedding invitations that match the personal style of any bride and groom. By selecting custom wedding invitations from Hitch, you guarantee that no other couple will have an invitation like yours. It will be a unique and custom invitation landing in mailboxes of your loved ones! You want it to stand out.

Kali Cavner decided to use customized wedding invitations. She explained, “I think one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is using it to express your style as a couple – therefore I customized everything! I wanted our wedding to be our style and reflect who we are. I really think our invitations did that – simple and classic – just like us.”

Hitch works closely with our couples to determine their personal style:

  • We’ll provide one-on-one attention. We’re right here in Brookings, SD!
  • You’ll be working with a real person! Stop into our store anytime to chat with us.
  • You will have the opportunity to touch and feel stationary papers and see color choices – in person.
  • Your invitations will match every detail of the big day (including that coffee-colored shade of brown you love so much or that perfect shade of blush pink you have in mind).

Hitch makes this process easy!

If you’ve started browsing Pinterest for wedding invitation ideas, you might be feeling overwhelmed:

  • Which pieces are mailed with the invitation?
  • How do I include directions or a map to the reception venue?
  • What information do I need to include in the ceremony description?
  • How many extras should I order?
  • How do I word my wedding invitations if my parents are divorced?
  • How many insert cards can I have before I owe extra postage on my invite?
  • What if I want to word my invitation in a special, non-traditional way?

We are here to answer all of those questions for you!

We understand that the Midwestern bride faces a unique set of wedding etiquette issues and opportunities. We are well-versed in the local and regional etiquette styles and we can help you navigate these uncertain waters with ease.

Please contact us today to set up a consultation! Bring in those dress swatches, Pinterest boards, examples, ideas, and your inspired style. We can’t wait to start talking about your custom wedding invites.

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