Ways to Use Eucalyptus at your Wedding or Event

Can we just say that we love eucalyptus garlands right now?!

Hitch Studio is using eucalyptus garlands in many ways! (Plus, we’re extra font of these garlands and sprays because we made them! When you can’t find exactly what you want, you get some floral wire and tape and make your own.) If you’re considering renting or buying fresh eucalyptus garlands, check with Hitch Studio in Brookings, SD, first!

You can use eucalyptus at your head table, the entrance to your banquet or reception, coming out of a lantern, around larger pieces on your tables, across the tables at your dinner, or in other creative ways. Take a look at what we’re doing to make eucalyptus so trendy right now…

  • Eucalyptus + plum
  • Eucalyptus + blush pink
  • Eucalyptus + woodsy
  • Eucalyptus + gold + marble

This next set of photos is from our most recent event. The Got Milk Gala put on by Dairy Fest in South Dakota. They wanted an “International Cheeses” theme with greenery, gold, and white marble. I think we nailed it. Contact Hitch Studio today if you’re interested in making eucalyptus part of your next wedding, banquet, reception, dinner decorations!

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