Wedding Styling by Hitch Design Studio: Vintage Garden + Navy + Berry + Gold

John & Chantel were a great couple to work with! Chantel was such an organized bride! She had every detail planned out; making our job of wedding styling, wedding coordinating and wedding decorating, pretty easy.  🙂

Chantel & John’s vintage garden theme with navy and berry accents was one of our favorite combinations yet! All of their wedding printed materials matched as well — from the invitations and welcome poster, to the card box and “In Memory” frame—Chantel & John had one of the most cohesive and coordinated weddings we’ve ever seen. Just our style.  🙂








Another way they made their wedding personal to them was by Chantel collecting vintage glassware throughout her engagement. She brought in a stunning variety. For her reception décor at McCrory Gardens, we set up each table with an assortment of her collection of vases & bottles with little gold accents. To top the look off, we filled her glassware with beautiful berry colored carnations.

Chantel&John_Centerpiece17_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece18_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece19_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece16_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece15_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece14_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece13_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece12_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece11_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece10_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece9_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece8_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece7_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece6_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece5_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece4_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece3_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece2_web Chantel&John_Centerpiece1_web

To start the day off, we delivered brunch to Chantel and all of her girls (bridesmaids, mothers, grandmother, aunts, etc.!) at the hair salon.

For the ceremony, petals of flowers lined the garden path, guiding guests to the garden where John & Chantel’s ceremony would take place. A white arbor draped with soft white material, tied back with flower bouquets, framed the beautiful couple as they exchanged their vows. Flower petals lined the aisle, setting off their romantic garden theme.

Chantel&John_Ceremony6_web Chantel&John_Ceremony5_web Chantel&John_Ceremony4_web Chantel&John_Ceremony3_web Chantel&John_Ceremony2_web Chantel&John_Ceremony1_web Chantel&John_Patio5_web

After the ceremony, guests made their way to the reception held at McCrory’s Visitors Center. A great night followed with dinner, speeches, and dancing. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, the couple chose cupcakes in delicious flavors like red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla.

Chantel&John_Patio3_web Chantel&John_Patio2_web Chantel&John_Patio1_web Chantel&John_HeadTable5_web Chantel&John_HeadTable4_web Chantel&John_HeadTable3_web Chantel&John_HeadTable2_web Chantel&John_HeadTable1_web Chantel&John_Entrance_3_web Chantel&John_Entrance_2_web Chantel&John_Entrance_1_web Chantel&John_CupcakeTable2_web

As the night drew to an end, guests gathered outside with flower petals as Chantel & John made their getaway. It was the perfect ending to such a romantic day!

Thank you John & Chantel for allowing us to be apart of your special day! We loved every detail!

If you have navy or gold or berry red as your wedding colors, contact Hitch today for rentals or styling services.

By: Bridgette Nelson

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