What wedding style should you choose?

Boho and terra cotta wedding style — Styled by Hitch Studio — Photo by Erica Lynn Photography

Planning a wedding is so exciting! Sometimes, though, it can be a stressful because there are so many decisions to make and a lot to think about. Determining a budget, date, venue, guest list, vendors, décor, dress, rings, and invitations are just some of the decisions you’ll be making during your engagement. One fun, but significant decision you have to make is to choosing a style — or overall theme — for your wedding. Your wedding style should be a reflection of your interests and personalities, so as you browse through Pinterest for ideas, here are a few things to consider.

Your personal style as a couple

Your sense of style and home décor preferences can give you an insight into what color palettes you are most attracted to. What colors do you wear the most? What floral colors are you most attracted to? Do you love bright and vibrant or dark and moody? Light and airy or deep jewel tones?

Gold and vintage wedding style — Decor by Hitch Studio

The venue

Your venue plays a defining role in your wedding, so when picking a theme and style, choose one that compliments it. Your location will set the tone and overall aesthetic of your big day, so let it guide you. For example, if you are getting married near a lakeside resort, you could choose a water-inspired theme with colors like turquoise, navy, white, or blue. Or, if you are getting married in a barn, a rustic, country theme might work best for you.

Rustic barn wedding style — Styled by Hitch Studio

The season

The time of year you get married can help you come up with a theme, so consider it when making your decision. Pay close attention to seasonal details to find inspiration for your color palette, style, floral arrangements, and more. If your wedding takes place during autumn, consider incorporating colours such as brown, orange, burgundy, or purple for an added pop of color, or maybe add fall foliage into your décor. We love pampas grass right now! If you will be having a winter wedding, the snow provides an excellent backdrop for glitter and whites. Combine with a metal like silver or gold to accent your winter wedding. Think bright hues or pastels for Spring.

Burgundy and winter themed wedding — Photo by Erica Lynn Photography

The dress code

If you have a specific dress code in mind for your guests and bridal party, build your wedding theme around that vision. Asking your guests to come dressed for a black-tie event will require you to match the classy and upscale atmosphere that the dress code will create. Plus, black and neutrals never go out of style.

Invitation suite in black and neutral wedding style — Stationery by Hitch Studio

Make it personal

The wedding industry is constantly evolving, making it easy for you to get caught up in the trendiness of it all. While trends are not bad, try to focus more on the personal touches and only incorporate a few current trends here and there. Make your wedding more personal by incorporating small details of you and your partner’s heritage and interests into your wedding theme. Other popular styles right now are boho, rustic/glam, and mauve-inspired themes.

For more tips and advice on how to plan your wedding, buy the Wedding Day Designer today or check the Hitch Studio blog for tons of colors and theme inspiration. Our final tip for choosing a style? Choose one that makes you FALL IN LOVE with it and that you know you’ll love for years to come as you look back at your wedding photos.

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