Our Favorite Things About a Winter Wedding — Like This One in February!

As you begin planning for your happily ever after there is much to consider, starting with your wedding date. Whether you’re considering a warm summer day, a colorful fall wedding, or a winter fairytale there are pros and cons to each. The team here at Hitch Studio wants you to know exactly what to keep in mind as you plan for your fairytale wedding amidst a winter wonderland!

One of the most appealing factors regarding winter wedding planning is the fact that you have the opportunity to save some serious dollars on most vendors! Venues especially may offer you a reduced rate in the “off peak season.” Keep in mind that this is not typically true for flowers – bummer right?! Unfortunately, since flowers are not in season they could be more expensive. Not in the budget? Consider artificial flowers (Hitch has a lot to choose from!) or even paper flowers. These are just as beautiful and can be really unique.

If South Dakota or another upper Midwest state is your home, then you are no stranger to the long, cold winters that we experience every year. With the winter season lasting so long there are many dates to consider as you select the day most perfect for you and your future hubby. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, News Years Eve, or even Valentine’s Day – tread carefully. Many guests are already traveling and spending money around the holiday season so you may receive some disappointing “No’s”. We live in the midwest, right? So some brides even plan around harvest, hunting opening dates, college football dates and Hobo Day (if you’re from Brookings.) Many of these events mean hotels or lodges will be full months in advance!

Winter weddings are so fun because they allow you to embrace the season, which is magical in its own! You can run wild with whatever your imagination desires. Think about all of the different options for your decor like snowflakes, frosted branches, lighting that is icy blue, pinecones, garland, and SO much more! Winter weddings have the opportunity to be extremely romantic as well with the gorgeous sunsets, sparkling snow, and bridal attire accented with fur capes and shawls…ohh I’m getting the feels just thinking about it! Let’s not forget about all of the fun drink options you can include that will for sure be a hit with all of your guests. Consider serving wintry cocktails or spiking eggnog and hot chocolate – yummy!

Hitch Studio has the perfect example of a winter wedding gone RIGHT. This couple chose a February wedding date and held it at the Days Inn in Brookings, SD. Their wedding colors were navy blue, blush pink, and icy silver, so Hitch Studio decorated their reception in those colors, including frosted sticks, branches, icy silver accents and a lit head table. They had a build-your-own hot chocolate bar and treats at every place setting. Because of the frosty nature of the weather, the bride opted for artificial flowers, which were beautiful! And now she has them as a keepsake.

Another great thing about a winter wedding (and something we noticed at this wedding) is that people were so excited to be celebrating in February! It was something to do on a cold night. Winter weddings are something to look forward to.  🙂  Need some help with your winter wedding? Hitch Studio does wedding styling, wedding planning and even the wedding invitations to match.



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