Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

I think it is safe to say that no matter what type of event you are planning, time is of the essence, but especially when it comes to your wedding day! With all of the little details, planning, prepping, and everything in between it can be easy to set your wedding stationery on the back burner. Our team here at Hitch Studio knows how each and every moment of your time is precious, so we wanted to let you in on a timeline that will help you manage all things stationery for your big day! We even offer wedding stationery styling and design – check it out here!

Save-the-Dates: Order & Send —> 6-12 Months 

  • As a current bride planning my own wedding, Save-the-Dates are what I’m so excited about! Once they are sent out it is officially REAL!!
  • Depending on your day and location of your wedding, anywhere between 6 and 12 months is an appropriate time frame to order and send out your save-the-dates. You will want to confirm all of the details needed for the save-the-date:
    • Engagement photo(s)
    • Return address for the postcard or envelope
    • Venue and location
    • Wedding website if you choose to list it
  • If you’re planning a destination wedding you will want to send out your save-the-dates a bit sooner to allow your guests extra time to secure their plans (they will appreciate this)! Check out this blog for more information on planning a destination wedding!
  • Check out some of Hitch Studio’s original Save-the-Dates designs here! You can be as creative as possible and truly personalize your save-the-date to represent you and your future hubby as a couple.  🙂
  • At Hitch Studio, our most popular style of save the dates is the postcard format. It allows you to send your announcement as a postcard, saving you the costs of the outer envelope (since you don’t need one) and the postage of a full stamp. Postcards only require a $0.34 stamp instead of a full stamp.
  • Read about more tips for your save the dates, and five things to remember about your save the dates.

Wedding Invitations: Order —> 4-6 Months | Send —> 6-8 Weeks 

  • You will save yourself time and alleviate some really unnecessary pre-wedding stress if you begin styling and designing your wedding invitations 3-6 months prior to your wedding day!
  • Working with Renee Halgerson, our very own wedding stylist and designer, will help make this process a breeze!
    • She will help make sure there’s the right amount of postage, no spelling mistakes, and even remind you to order extra invites for your personal keepsakes and any additional guests that make the list!
    • She can show you invitations that match your style, colors, and price range. Or, if you have some samples you want to show her, she’s a graphic designer, so she can design anything you want!
    • You’ll want to include information like:
      • Full names of you and your fiance
      • Time of wedding, social, reception, and dance
      • Address and name of ceremony and reception
      • Reply by date on your RSVP card (Again, send this RSVP as a postcard and save yourself some money!)
      • Hotels you plan to recommend for people (or if you have a block reserved)
      • Meal options (if you choose that meal option)
      • Wording for your invitation (“Together with our families…” or “Daughter of/Son of” or “Because you have shared in our lives with laughter and love…” are just some examples that a good stationer can help you with).
      • Do you have some questions about Hitch Studio’s invitations? Visit our FAQs.
      • Read more about why shopping local for invitations is better than shopping online and the six most common wedding invitation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Tip: Be proactive and send your Rehearsal Dinner Invites with your wedding invitations 🙂 

Reception Stationery & Favors: Order —>2-4 Months 

  • In order to maintain the same colors, fonts, style, and designs, make sure to order your reception items and any favors together. Your guests will notice how everything flows together and looks flawless. These “Day Of” stationery pieces include things like:
    • Menus
    • Song request cards or cute “Mad Libs” cards, etc.
    • Place cards
    • Meal choice cards (meat choice, dietary restrictions, kids meal, etc.)
    • Table Numbers
      • Here is a simple formula for knowing how many unique table numbers to order:
      • Total Number of Guests / Number of Seats Per Table = Total Number of Table Numbers (Minus those who will be seated at the head table)

Tip: Make sure to order at least 25 extra of each to account for late RSVPs and additional invites!

Wedding Programs: Order —> 1-2 Months 

  • Your wedding programs should be personalized to match and complement your other “Day Of” wedding stationery.
  • Even if your head count is not finalized, base your program order off of the total number of received RSVPs, any outstanding RSVPs, plus a few extra for last minutes RSVPs and a couple extra.
  • Check out Hitch’s past program designs!
  • Need some ideas for your “In Memory” statements about loved ones who have passed or or “Thank You” statements in your program? Check out this blog.

Thank-You’s: Order & Send —> ASAP 

  • Thank-you’s are such an important and special aspect of your wedding! You not only get to show your appreciation and gratitude for those who made your day so memorable, but you also get to reflect upon your day over and over.  🙂
  • For wedding gifts you received pre-wedding day, you should send a thank-you note within 2 weeks.
  • For wedding gifts you received on the day of your wedding, make every effort to have thank-you notes sent out within 3 months of your big day!

Tip: Don’t forget to include a note of thanks to all of your wedding vendors! Renee’s favorite part is getting to see the photos from your wedding day on your thank you notes.  🙂 Check out this blog if you have questions about tipping your wedding vendors!

We hope this helps you as you navigate the planning process of your happily ever after! Make sure to check out the photos of our very own Hitch Studio wedding stationery below and set up a consultation to make your vision come true!

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