Trendy, Customizable Wedding Invitations — and Why They’re Better Than Your Average Online Options

Wedding invitations are the first impression your guests get of your special day. Let them see something as unique and different as you are! Sure it may seem easier just to click “order” on some website and call it a day, but you’re missing out on the fun and individualized design that comes with a Hitch wedding invitation!

For example, one bride got engaged in a hot air balloon, so we put a hot air balloon with the phrase “Love is in the air” on the front of her invitations. Another bride was of Irish decent and wanted an Irish symbol wax sealed onto each invitation. Another bride wanted to incorporate a small butterfly into the design to honor her grandmother who had recently passed away. It’s the little things like these that you can’t just “order” online.

Here’s why you should pick Hitch Studio for your invites:

CUSTOMIZABLE – Wedding season is right around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to start thinking of invitations! At Hitch we’ve been keeping up-to-date with all of the latest trends and colors to be sure we can design the most unique invitations. One of the major key advantages to hiring someone like Hitch Studio to design your wedding invitations is creativity. Having the ability to custom-design and print your invitations allows you to be creative in the process. You get to choose fonts, colors, add a geometric pattern here, and a special icon there. You get to mix and match what you find on Pinterest, with what you’re seeing in magazines, with our expertise in design! You don’t have to choose something that’s been done hundreds of times before. They will be PERFECTLY customized to you as a couple. You’re not stuck with one style and two color options. With Hitch your options are endless. Choose fonts, feel papers, and grab inspiration from previous work we’ve done.

ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION – Consider us your personal designers. We’re here to customize and create whatever you want. Unlike those online invitation websites, you’re working with an actual person. A person who wants to hear how he proposed, and wants to see pictures of your dress because we know how important those things are to you and they help us get a feel for the style of your wedding day.

WORK WITH ETIQUETTE EXPERTS – One of, if not the most important parts of an invitation, is the wording. Wedding etiquette can be tricky at times, especially when it comes to addressing families on an invitation. We understand that parents, step-parents, late parents, and how to list re-marriages can get complex, so we’re here to help you navigate through the sticky situations and make sure no one is left out or feelings hurt.

SEE EXAMPLES EVERY STEP OF THE WAY BEFORE YOU ORDER – See and touch actual samples and options before purchasing. Better yet, you get to see proofs of your design every step of the way before you print (you get to see a PDF proof, a printed proof on the actual paper you chose with the envelope color you chose, and THEN we print with your final quantity, which can be anything!

CUSTOM QUANTITIES – You don’t have to order in increments of 50 with Hitch. After you mom added in some extra people to the invite list, you’re at 108? 234? 119? We’ll print any quantity you need!

Still on the fence? Give us a call or stop by our store downtown Brookings, SD and let’s talk! We want your appointment with us to be fun and exciting! So get started today with your complimentary appointment at Hitch Studio in Brookings, SD by filling out this form. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas! Here are some of our most recent, trendy, and customized wedding invitations:


Taylor&Hayden_Invitations_web Lauren&Chris_Invitations Katelyn&Matt_Invitations Clarissa&Duran_RecordInvite CherryBlossom_Invitations_web Brittney&Trent_WholeSet

SaraEngel_Invitations SarahMcPhillips_Invitations_web Stefanie&Logan_InvitationsAmberDell_Invites_web

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