Both Carrie and I (Renee Halgerson) are part of separate Masterminds groups. Our Masterminds groups are full of like-minded women who share wins, challenges, what’s working and what’s not each time we meet. Carrie meets every-other Friday. My group meets each week on Thursdays. No matter the frequency, just make sure you’re meeting often enough to cover


  1. Everything is confidential and should be shared with an open heart and open mind knowing that it won’t leave the table.
  2. The member should have an entrepreneurial spirit — and should be working towards building a business or dream.
  3. The group should stay peer-led and not expert-led.
  4. The group should remain diverse in industry and not too defined that it limits us.
  5. We don’t gossip. We keep an interest in each other’s personal lives and believe in personal growth, but this meeting is for business. We follow a strategic plan each time. It’s structured and goal-oriented.

On February, 9, we had our annual retreat! I’ve been a member of this group since 2014, and it’s always the day I look forward to for taking a deep dive into our businesses. We try to uncover things that we don’t necessarily have time for in our day-to-day busy lives. Here is a glimpse of our agenda for the day to give you an idea of what we get into:

• 8:30 a.m. — Yoga morning flow (led my Megan)
• 9:00 a.m. — Eat breakfast and each member gets 30 minutes to answer these questions:

1. Where I’ve been (How did I grow the most?)
2. Where I am (What are you doing now that works?)
3. Where I want to be (What’s your biggest hurdle?)
4. What resources and habits do you have? Which do you WANT?
5. What didn’t work? (What were your biggest struggles?)

• 11:00 a.m. — 2016 Goal Review and Set New 2017 Goals
Each person gets 15 minutes to give a quick review of 2016 goals and share:

1. Short term goals for 2017 (in the next 3-6 months)
2. 1-year goals for 2017 (in the next year)
3. Long term goals (end goal/big picture)

• 12:00 a.m. — Lunch
Talk about (and consider journaling about these items before you come [take a really deep dive]:

1. Past– What has happened in the past (a pre-conceived notion) that still might be holding you back?
2. Present — How are you getting in your own way from making your dreams happen? What could make your business thrive if you let it?
3. Future — What are you going to do/let go of to live the entrepreneurial life you want to live?

• 1:00 p.m. — Share marketing and advertising tactics that have worked for you and any other closing thoughts.
• 1:30 p.m. Dismiss


This retreat was so beneficial! After listing goals for 2017, realizing (self-made) barriers to these goals, and pouring my heart into some journaling, these are the questions that this process evoked for me:

  • How can we grow each Hitch Studio division?
  • What’s the plan for doing MORE weddings, but committing to FEWER work weekends (to prevent burnout and enhance family time)?
  • How can we double our take-home pay? (Eeshta. This is a lofty goal)  🙂
  • What is my purpose/goal/action plan/accountability through this process?
  • How can I best let go of control, but not quality as I delegate some tasks?
  • Business doesn’t have to be busyness.
  • “To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to have succeeded.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • How can I continue to teach, lead, design and grow my business?
  • Take a moment to appreciate what we’ve built.
  • What would I be building if I had the time?
  • My business should work for me — instead of me working for it. (2017 goal)

Carrie has also set goals and says this about her Masterminds group:

“As women, we all know how important it is to feel some level of support. Whether it be from friends, family or co-workers we are constantly seeking that nodding head of encouragement or approval. Sometimes if those supporters are close to us, they may not always be thinking critically for us, they just want to… display support.
You may not realize it at first, but we all need a group of people who will hold us accountable, share their knowledge and commit to thinking critically about everything we share.
That’s what Masterminds is (or as we lovingly call it in my group “the lady brain meeting”). My group meets 2 times a month. We share a win-loss/challenge and a goal along with some great self-reflection. It’s a safe and confidential place where we can seek knowledge and insights from members. 
We have seen a lot of success in my group. Some of the things that have been accomplished are truly amazing. We have had someone publish a book and has started on another. I have seen someone work her way to a VP position at her company. I have witnessed another give a well-received presentation at a large conference in Vegas. Another is realizing her value and expertise and is so brave she is carving herself a new position within a well-established company. Our newest member is learning how to navigate a difficult work environment and is determined to make it a better place for everyone.
The women in my group may not realize it but they truly are a part of our team. With their insights and support they are helping us mold our business. They are helping us navigate our future, set goals and create momentum.
Its so important to surround yourself with a supportive group of like-minded people.”
If you’re thinking of starting or joining a Masterminds group for your budding business, do it! We would both highly recommend it. During the retreat yesterday, we celebrated so many joys in our businesses, but also took a long look at what needs to change to propel us forward. These are the ladies I cherish so much:

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