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A wedding day is full of laughter, photos, cherished moments, delicious food, drinks and of course, dancing the night away! Many loved ones visit from near and far and it’s a full day of celebration. In between all these moments, it can be challenging to see everyone and take in ALL the moments. After the blissful wedding day, you get to flip through photos, watch videos and look at your guest book; all which help you relive glimpses of that perfect day. Having a guest book is a wonderful way to collect names, advice, memories, photos and much more from those who were there to celebrate the wedding day!

Things to consider when deciding on a guest book

    Classic. Fairytale. Bohemian. Rustic. Travel. Outdoors. Whatever your theme, you can accentuate it with a creative guest book! This is a perfect way to create a keepsake that evokes the overall style from your wedding. A Cornhole game for an outdoor themed wedding or a globe with a travel or destination theme.

    Put an emphasis on a hobby the two of you enjoy together. This can add a personal detail to the wedding. Allowing your guests to get to know more about you, how you met or something that stands out in your relationship. If you share a love for music, have your guests sign an old record or a concert poster. Maybe you love cooking together, collect your guests’ favorite recipes!

    If you want to hang something in your home, a personalized sign or photo that guests write on is a perfect idea. Do you like a good DIY project? Have guests write down marriage advice, bucket list or date night ideas and you can create a scrap book with these! Do you love the idea of a guest book, but only look at it when you want to? Go for a classic photo book with areas for notes. It’s an important detail to consider because this will be something you want to save, so keep in mind how it will stay with you through the years.

    A traditional guest book is well known and easy to understand. Guests know what to expect and how to write a note or their name. If you want to add an entertaining element, a polaroid photo book or recorded voicemails are fun interactive ideas. Guests may need a little liquid courage, but they are going to be memories to cherish for sure! Keep your guests in mind with these types, and if it’s something they will participate in because you want to get everyone’s involvement!

    The more guests, the more physical space you’ll need for all the names, advice, photos, etc. Keep this in mind when deciding on the physical area and size of pens because you want to be sure everyone gets included! You may have been to weddings and there was no room left for yours. Be sure to consider the number of guests before purchasing or making your guest book.


Guest Book tips for success

    Whether it’s pens, markers, camera or even directions on a sign. Make sure all the supplies is included before the day of the wedding. It’s a great idea to run it by your wedding planner (Hitch Studio!) or any of your “I Do” crew.
    The rehearsal is a perfect time to have your wedding party and close family sign your guest book. They are often busy on the wedding day, and you can miss some important people. Doing this a day before, also allows more time for them to leave a thoughtful message.
    This can be a good friend, host couple or Hitch Studio! They will bring the guest book from your ceremony to reception. They will greet your guests and make sure they see the guest book. At the end of the night, you can have them pack it away safely!
    The entrance is perfect to catch everyone’s eye, but if you opted for something interactive or takes some time (a recipe, photo, date night ideas), pick an area that will still be easy to find but not create a bottleneck of guests at the entrance.

Guest Book Ideas

  • Acrylic frame with hearts
  • Birthday calendar
  • Bucket list ideas for the couple
  • Canoe paddle
  • Canvas photo print
  • Date night ideas for the couple  
  • Guitar
  • Jenga game
  • Marriage advice for the couple
  • Personalized cornhole game
  • Personalized sign
  • Personalized wood letter
  • Phone message
  • Photo booth photos from guests
  • Photobook of engagement photos
  • Polaroid photos
  • Prayers for the couple
  • Puzzle
  • Quilt or quilt patches
  • Recipe cards
  • Snow ski or snowboard
  • Tree art with names or thumb prints
  • Typewriter
  • Vinyl record
  • Wine corks
  • Wood slab
  • World globe

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