Modern Non-Floral Centerpiece Options

Floral arrangements as centerpieces can be beautiful, but also costly. If you’re looking for some cost-effective options for modern, trendy, yet inexpensive non-floral centerpiece options, here are some ideas! Hitch Studio rents many of the decorations you see below if you’re interested. If you just need a consultation for more non-floral centerpiece options or cost-effective options, we can help there too! (We can rent decorations like fake ivory hydrangeas if you love the look of flowers but don’t love the price.)

As promised, though, here are some creative centerpieces options that don’t have flowers:

  1. Using desserts as centerpieces. Whether it’s a tray of different flavored cupcakes at every table, or a mini-cake or pie, guests will love the variety! It serves a dual purpose — your desserts are already served and your centerpieces are taken care of! Guests will love to trade cake flavors with other tables! I’ve even seen the bride and groom come around to every table and cut/serve the first slice of cake as a receiving line. They get the chance to greet each guest table by table, while also serving up some cake during the time between the food and dance. It’s a GREAT time to thank your guests for coming.


2. Using books to add height.  These are a great way to add height to your centerpieces without much fuss. Perfect for the couple who loves vintage items or who are bookworms. Customize the type of books you use as well! Comic books? Music books? Harry Potter novels? Yearbooks? Church hymnals? Whatever you’d like that adds personality to your table. Hitch rents the navy colored books shown below.


3. Using woodsy branches for variety. Having an outdoorsy wedding or want an element of rustic branches? Consider these sticks as an alternative to a large floral centerpieces. You can use gold sparkly curly willows for an added sparkle.


4. Candles give a romantic glow. Use candles of all sizes to add height and variety to every table. It brings a romantic charm without the cost of fresh flowers! From modern and sleek to vintage gold collectables, get creative. Hitch Studio rents the flameless candles shown on the left if you can’t have real candles in your reception space (like a barn or McCrory Gardens in Brookings, SD).


5. Favors and personal collectibles. Look at these amazing ideas for table decor. From left to right: This Indian + American wedding gave away hand-made treat boxes with every hand-made napkin to decorate their tables. The favors doubled as decorations. The next photo melts my heart. The bride and groom collected these stones and had each guest write a special message on them. When they were done with the message, each guest put the stone that was at their place setting into the glass jar in the middle of the table. Throughout the night, the glass jars were literally filled with love! Next, on the glass tray is a vintage camera, along with some other gold items. The groom collects old cameras and loves photography, so he decided to show off his love of cameras with their non-floral centerpieces! It added a personal touch to their wedding. Finally, on the right, the bride and groom included a frame on each table with a photo of them at their favorite destinations. It was sweet to see guests recognize the different places and age of the couple. So personal. So sweet. So non-floral.


6. Greens, berries and bling. Think beyond the petals. What if you used seasonal berries, twigs, or greenery to make your wedding centerpieces look full and beautiful? It can really pull out your colors and the season. Add some sparkle with these crystal blingy vases. No need for flowers when these beauties catch everyone’s eye anyway.


7. Lanterns. Large, small, gray, ivory, black, silver…these lanterns can accent any wedding color! Hitch Studio rents them all. Lanterns are a great way to incorporate candles and greenery as well.


8. Holiday options. Having a holiday party or winter-themed wedding? Icicles and frosted decorations are perfect. Add some red if you’re feeling bold, or leave it to winter colors liked frosted blues and purples. What about spray-painted pumpkins at fall?


You’re definitely not limited by not wanting to incorporate flowers into your centerpieces. Non-floral centerpieces can be just as beautiful, simple, elegant and can fit any budget. Contact Hitch if you have other ideas to incorporate with these or if you’re interested in renting any of the pieces shown! We’re happy to help you decorate, put some ideas together, or just rent our items.

For more centerpiece inspiration check out this Pinterest board.

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