South Dakota Wedding with Gold Sparkle, Navy Blue and True Love

We have a special fondness for Brittany & Kyle. They brought such a maturity and sophisticated taste to their wedding. It was such an honor to decorate their reception and bring their unique and personal ideas to life! Their wedding reception was held at the Holiday Inn Express in Brandon, South Dakota (near Sioux Falls). Their wedding ceremony was held at Split Rock Lutheran Church, a charming little church near Brandon! Both Brittany and Kyle are established in their careers and have a great sense of what makes a successful wedding and marriage. You can tell (by the organized spreadsheets they sent me!) that they are one of a kind.  <3

When it came to wedding decorations, here’s how they explained their style: elegant, classy, fun, classic, vintage accents with accents of wood, gold, glitter, navy and ivory. So — a quick photo of their reception. What do you think?!


Here is a list of what I loved most about the way they personalized their wedding reception decor:

  1. They showed a video of their wedding ceremony at the reception. Brittany and Kyle got married in a church that only holds 125 people, so they invited their nearest and dearest family and friends to the ceremony and all others (300+ total!) joined them for the reception later. For those who couldn’t attend the ceremony, the videographer put together an edited video of the highlights of their ceremony so that all guests to witness their vows. They played it right after dinner so everyone could watch. It was a WONDERFUL way to relive their recent vows! And such a thoughtful touch.


2. Their non-traditional head table. They wanted a “kings table” down the middle of the room with the wedding party + spouses joining them at the same table. The couple sat in the middle of the table, but gabe speeches and toasts from the head of the table (and on the dance floor). To highlight and showcase the head table, Hitch Studio hung fabric and lights over it, so it was still the center of attention in the center of the room. It was such a family-oriented way of placing the head table! Nobody felt left out because their spouse was part of the wedding party. Loved it.


3. The groom designed the programs at every place setting, the signage, and the invitations. Kyle is a graphic designer by trade and put a very personal touch on everything he designed. It was beautiful.


4. The couple put a yellow rose by a special grandparent’s photo. Sometimes there’s one special grandparent who touched your life or recently passed away and you want to subtly say “I love you” to them. I’m not sure if any guest noticed, but it was important to Brittany and Kyle to put a yellow rose by the photos of the grandparents. It was simple and heart-warming.


5. The centerpieces had a camera collection from the groom. The groom collects old film cameras and wanted to showcase his accumulation around their wedding reception. What a great way to make the centerpieces so personal!

Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece7withCamera_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece8withCamera_web

6. The candy buffet was full of their favorite candies! The best part of a social hour is snacking on candies, popcorn or treats that are a favorite of the couple. Love is truly sweet.

Brittany&Kyle_CandyTable_web Brittany&Kyle_CandyTable2_web

7. They cut their cake as part of the grand entrance. Some couples enter the reception with their wedding party and take their places at the head table. Other couples choose to land on the dance floor and have their first dance while everyone is watching and attentive. Brittney and Kyle decided to cut their cake right after their entered their reception! The cake was in a spotlight and it was really special to see that tradition of the wedding since many guests miss it when the cake is cut later in the evening.


8. They wanted an outdoor grand entrance decorated. Because there were multiple entrances to the hotel event center, Hitch Studio decorated the main entrance with fabric and lights and Kyle’s designed sign. It was beautifully lit as night set in.


9. They incorporated gold sparkle into their wedding reception! With a touch of vintage and a touch of woodsy, Brittney successfully added gold sparkle to her reception as well! Hitch Studio decorated her wedding reception with touches of all those elements that all came together! Take a look at the rest of their glamorous wedding details!

Brittany&Kyle_Bouquet2_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece1_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece3_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece5_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece6withCamera_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece9_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece10_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece11_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece12_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece14_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece15_web Brittany&Kyle_Centerpiece16_web Brittany&Kyle_GuestbookTable1_web Brittany&Kyle_GuestbookTable2_web Brittany&Kyle_GuestbookTable3_web Brittany&Kyle_GuestbookTable5_web Brittany&Kyle_GuestbookTable9_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable2_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable3_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable4_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable6_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable7_web Brittany&Kyle_HeadTable8_web Brittany&Kyle_LargeBouquet_web Brittany&Kyle_Lessmans_web Brittany&Kyle_WelcomeSign_web Brittany&Kyle_WholeRoom2_web Brittany&Kyle_WindowSill2_web

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