Not only did we reschedule Stephenie and Ryan’s wedding due to Covid once, but TWICE!! Plus, they decided to get married in a small backyard ceremony, so technically, they had four wedding days planned! By September 25, 2020 they were just ready to be married. I love my job because of couples like this. Their love shone through no matter what the circumstances. Thank you for your resilience and sharing your love story with Hitch Studio. We were so thrilled to be part of it.

Stephenie and Ryan booked Hitch Studio’s 1 Carat Level, which means we decorated their reception and took it all down back with us after the wedding, (including all the rentals they wanted)! All the decor you want is included in our 1 Carat Level! EVERYTHING! We set up their head table backdrop, all their table centerpieces, and decorated the guest book table and snack tables. It was beautiful!

Interested in booking Hitch Studio to do your wedding decorating? Here are some starter questions you could ask us.


  • Can you see images of their past work? Do they have references to ask about style? (Hitch Studio has portfolio images on our website and a Facebook page full of galleries!)
  • Do they provide the decor, vases, candles, etc.? Can you rent additional things? (Hitch Studio provides ALL the decor you want for your ceremony or reception. Are you wanting additional items beyond our collection? We can certainly rent them, bring them, and return them for you!)
  • Who places the rental order? Do they work well with a florist who may be bringing fresh flower centerpieces? (Hitch Studio can place the rental order and yes, it will coordinate beautifully with other vendors!)
  • How many decorators will be setting up for my wedding? Do you do this full-time? (Hitch Studio prefers to bring 3-5 decorators for any wedding so we’re completely ready for your wedding. Yes, this is Renee’s full-time job! Her hopes and dreams are part of making you happy so Hitch Studio can continue on for years.)
  • Do they have event/liability insurance? (We sure do!)
  • Do they like to take complete control or do they welcome your ideas and participation? (We always welcome your ideas. It’s YOUR wedding! Do you have decor that’s special to you? Or an aunt who’d like to help with a special task on your wedding day? Let’s make it special and perfect for you.)
  • How much do they charge? Are there any “hidden” fees (like hauling large items) or travel fees? (Hitch Studio’s Diamond Level starts at $2400 and 1 Carat Level starts at $3950, and we do charge travel fees, just to help pay for employees’ expenses for traveling to your wedding. All those details are in your contract and aren’t “hidden”. We help you through everything.)
  • How many events do you book on a particular weekend? How many events do you book per year? We have three certified wedding planners on staff, so we could take as many as three weddings per weekend and each couple would get 100% of our love and attention. Our goal is 20+ weddings and events per year. Just enough to keep this dream alive and not too many that we lose our individual touch.)
  • Have they styled your venue before? Do they have any suggestions or tips for you? (We’d love to hear more about your wedding venue to see if we’ve styled it before!)
  • What do they do differently than other decor companies? Why should you book with them? (I personally think the thing that sets Hitch Studio apart is that we go above and beyond your expectations and we have an entire collection of decor that you get to use for FREE. That’s right, every candle, vase, lantern, flower is FREE to decorate so your wedding is as beautiful as it can possibly be! We truly LOVE working with our couples!)


  • Tell them about and bring any special decor that you want incorporated. (Special flowers you found, bottles you made, vases from your grandmother, monogrammed signage, etc.)
  • As a decorator, do you want them to do anything else since they have an eye for design? Put on your cake topper, place your custom napkins or chargers, hang lights or fabric from walls or ceiling, put on and take off chair covers and sashes, place your favors, design your head table, style your grand entrance/archway, arrange your escort name cards alphabetically or by table number, etc. (Hitch can do and has done all of that before!!)
  • Ask them and your photographer to take professional photos of your wedding decor so you have them as treasured memories! (You may not get to see your finished venue before guests arrive!)

A wedding decorator can offer tremendous relief from wedding planning because he or she can handle one of the most time-consuming facets of the event. A good decorator will work within your budget to create as intimate and stunning of a scene as possible for your wedding. Hitch Studio would love to get started with you!

Stephenie and Ryan’s wedding decor:

Let Hitch Studio know today what level of service might fit you and your wedding best! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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