Tips for Getting Ready on your Wedding Day

Are you ready for this great list of tips for getting ready on your wedding day? If you want more ideas, contact Hitch Studio because we can be there on your wedding day to help! I tried to follow this list on my own wedding day!

  1. Get ready in a room with lots of natural light, if possible. A light-colored room with lots of windows/natural light is ideal for the best photos! Your photographer and videographer will love you!
  2. Get a list of who wants which services. If you’re having five bridesmaids, two mothers, two flower girls, three personal attendants, and YOU — keep track of who would like and/or makeup services done. That way your stylists know how many people to bring to keep in line with your wedding day timeline. Your wedding planner can help coordinate this so everything runs smoothly and on time. Give your girls a heads-up on who is paying for the services and if they should pay in cash or credit card, how to tip, what to bring, to have washed and dried hair when they arrive, etc. Your stylists can answer these questions for you. Here’s a list of questions to ask your hair and makeup artist before booking them to make sure they’re a good fit!
  3. Make a schedule for who is getting hair and makeup done and when. If everybody in the bridal party knows when to arrive that morning and which services they are receiving (and in which order), it will make your day stay on time. As the bride, you don’t have to be the first one in line for hair and makeup, but you certainly don’t want to be last. TIP: Get your hair done first, then makeup.
  4. Have fun! Bring a wireless speaker and your best playlist! Want a fun photo op? Bring mimosas to cheers with, pop some champagne or confetti, and/or coordinate matching “get ready” outfits.
  5. Be mindful of what’s in the background of photos. Designate a spot for everyone to put their bags and stuff. An uncluttered space is much prettier in photos! TIP: If you want your mom or bridesmaids in your “getting ready” photos, make sure they are dressed. For example, when it’s time for the photo of your mom buttoning the back of your dress, you want to make sure her hair and makeup are done and her dress is on for the best photos (instead of still in her jeans!).

What to bring for bride “get ready” photos:

Typically while you’re getting ready, the photographer will also try to photograph your “wedding extras” like your wedding stationery flat-lay and jewelry, veil, etc. Be sure to bring these items with you:

• Ring box

• Veil

• Stationery (Save the Date, invitation, program, menu card, etc.)

• Your signature scent perfume

• Vow book or letter to groom

• Hair pieces

• Jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, earrings)

• Shoes

What to bring for groom “get ready” photos:

• Shoes

• Socks

• Watch

• Cologne

• Pocket square

• Vow book or letter to bride

• Ring

• Cufflinks

• Tie

• Suspenders

• Boutonniere

• A couple loose flowers from your florist

We hope this list helps you have the smoothest wedding morning you could ever imagine! Contact Hitch Studio if you’d like a full-service wedding planner to help make sure it all runs seamlessly! If you want a more inclusive packing list and more information and helpful tips like these, buy our wedding planning checklist, the Wedding Day Designer!

Photos by Chelsea Jean Photography, Greg and Larae Photography and Erica Lynn Photography

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