We Decorate More Than Weddings

It is not often that we blog about events outside of weddings, but this week we want to showcase a special talent that our team possesses: decorating for events other than weddings! We are so passionate about a decorating on a wedding day and overseeing all of those special details, but we also have a passion for making other events look and feel great, too. We can decorate anything from galas to graduations! Our packages offer full coordination and planning, or just decorating if that is what you are looking for.

Our team is flexible, organized, and has a great eye for style. We offer so much more than only wedding planning + decorating! If you are on the fence about hiring someone to decorate your event, reach out and see if Hitch would be a great fit!

To show off some of our talents, check out this fundraising event we decorated in April!

As SDSU alumni, the planners at Hitch look forward to SDSU’s Jackrabbit Athletic Scholarship Auction every year. Being a former Jackrabbit gives us such a strong dedication to making this event look amazing. This spring, our team decorated this event with over 100 tables. The largest Athletic Auction attendance ever! We love that this event keeps growing every year – so much support from our community fills our hearts!

One of our favorite aspects of this event every year is their variation of themes. Last year was neon themed, so it was only fitting that the 2022 Auction logo had a neon-sign glow around it. Hitch incorporated glow sticks into their centerpieces to really tie in that neon aspect. The 2023 Auction was checkered themed! We loved this dramatic look in the Sanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex. A few ways Hitch incorporated this pattern into the tables were by:

  1. using alternating colors with the centerpieces and linens
  2. alternating the arrangement of blue tables and yellow tables
  3. incorporating some checker pattern into their floral cards
  4. Keeping the décor elements clear so that the table linens really show

Working with local vendors to make this event come to life was the most rewarding feeling! Since this venue was originally built to host track and field practices and meets, Blake and the team at Ideal Tent and Event Rentals worked tirelessly to create a more formal feel in this sports venue. Jeremy and the team at Jer Events did countless sound and light checks to make sure their tech was meeting expectations with Daktronics’s large video boards. Hand-Tied Floral on Main Street of Brookings created beautiful floral arrangements for nearly half of the tables inside, which were generously gifted to the attendants of the event. Jacks Dining nailed the food and beverages and had the most wonderful team for catering this huge event. We cannot wait to see what the SDSU Jackrabbit Athletic Scholarship Auction brings next year!

It truly takes a village to make these events happen, and Hitch is so lucky to be invited back every year.

No matter how big or small, corporate or private, Hitch is here to make sure your guests have a great time. We are here for all of life’s milestones, not just the wedding.

Reach out to us at info@hitchstudio.com for more information on our event styling packages!

Go, Jacks! 

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