Wedding Ceremony Program Wording (and Samples)

Wedding programs are an important part of your ceremony. Oftentimes, planning the ceremony and writing the program happen at the same time. As a bride, these may be some of the questions on your mind:

  • Which song should I walk down the aisle to?
  • Which song will play while we light the unity candle?
  • Do the grandparents walk down the aisle before or after the parents?
  • How do I word the “In Memory” and “Thank You” statements?
  • In which order do I list my parents on the program if they are divorced and both remarried?

All of these questions can be overwhelming. We can help! Hitch offers wedding ceremony coordination and program design and printing!

Sections to include in your wedding program

  • General Information: Bride and Groom names (first, middle and last), date, ceremony time, location of ceremony with city and state and officiant’s name if you wish.
  • Order of Ceremony: This is the part of the program that will lead your guests through the ceremony. There are a variety of options, so take your time in planning these details with a wedding coordinator and ceremony officiant. A sample ceremony is included below:
    • Prelude
    • Seating of Mothers/Parents and Grandmothers/Grandparents
    • Processional (of the bridal party)
    • Bridal processional
    • Greeting (given by the officiant)
    • Declaration of intent
    • Exchange of vows and rings
    • Unity candle (or something unique to your wedding style)
    • Declaration of marriage
    • Prayer or blessing
    • Presentation of the couple (Now you get to kiss. Enjoy this moment!)
    • Recessional
  • The Wedding Party: This section of the program will take some coordination. You’ll want to be sure to spell the first and last names of all your friends and family correct. Traditionally, this list includes names of officiant, parents, grandparents, flower girls, bridesmaids, ring barers, groomsmen and ushers, host/hostess, etc.. Also listed is how each participant is related to the bride or groom. (Example: Maid of Honor – Renee Halgerson, Sister of the Groom)
  • Reception Information: Here you’ll include information on the location, special instructions, when the event starts, and possibly a map to the reception.
  • Poems or Scripture: Here’s your chance to personalize the program and the ceremony. What words are inspiring to you as a couple? Include that in your program. You’ll cherish these words for years to come!
  • In Memory: If the bride or groom has lost loved ones, these losses can be recognized in a respectful, significant way by listing the names of the deceased. Here are some suggestions for wording:
    • “We would like to remember those who are not with us today…”
    • “We remember our dearly loved….”
    • “In honor of those who couldn’t be with us today….”
    • Thank You: Many brides and grooms dedicate a small section of their program to thanking the many family and friends who have taken time to attend the special day. We can help you with wording this or show you some other examples if you’d like!
  • New Address: This is a very practical addition to the wedding program. If the bride and groom are setting up a new home in a new location, consider including your new mailing address. This will make it easy for friends and family to contact you in the future!
    • “Our new home sweet home….”
    • “Our new residence…”
    • “The bride and groom can be found at…”
    • “Please send us a Christmas card at our new address!”

Have fun with your program design! Carry your wedding invitation design theme through to your ceremony programs with a traditional style, booklet, fan, or something completely unique!

We’re also an extra set of eyes to help catch any type-os. (Fun fact: The most commonly misspelled words on a program we’ve seen are “altar”, “ring bearer” and “Officiant”.) Hitch can help design and organize your program if you need. We’re here to help, especially during this time, which is so close to your wedding date!

Here are some Programs we love for some inspiration!

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