Floral Arches for Every Wedding Style

Here at Hitch, we love using flowers for your wedding day! A way to make a HUGE statement with your decor is to considering a floral arch. Why? It’s one of the few decor pieces that all of your guests are going to see! Wedding arches frame your ceremony and highlight some of the most intimate moments of your wedding…not to mention, they’re gorgeous!

Arches are usually thought of as big wooden frames with fabric and flowers adorning the exterior. This is definitely the style for a classic wedding, but wedding arches and arbors have evolved over the years to encompass many different styles. For example, a rustic themed arch might incorporate more foliage and wildflowers. Modern arches may even feature an unconventional shape like a triangle or a hexagon. Beach-themed wedding arches can be adorned with fresh tropical flowers and beautiful shells. The options are limited only by your imagination!

To help you start imagining the different styles wedding arches can take, you can take a look at this wedding arch decor guide from ProFlowers to see all of the different ways you can style your wedding arch! Their guide includes tips for all of the different types of decor you can have on your arch and visual inspiration for modern, classic and rustic themes.

Contact Hitch Studio if you want to add a backdrop, arch, altar, head table backdrop, or other show-stopping piece to your wedding. We can make it happen! Here are some of the arches that Hitch has put together in the past:

Click here to see the full blog post about this wedding!

Click here to see all the photos of fresh greenery from this winter wedding!

Click here to see all the photos from this fresh, enchanted forest wedding!

Here some additional ideas from Pro Flowers:


Sweetheart Arch

By ProFlowers

modern sweetheart wedding arch ideas

Sea Shore Arch

By ProFlowers

modern sea shore wedding arch ideas

Typography Arch

By ProFlowers

modern typography wedding arch ideas


Whimsical Arch

By ProFlowers

classic whimsical wedding arch ideas

Timeless Arch

By ProFlowers

classic timeless wedding arch ideas

Romantic Arch

By ProFlowers

classic romantic wedding arch ideas


Old Vineyard Arch

By ProFlowers

rustic old vineyard wedding arch ideas

Fall Garden Arch

By ProFlowers

rustic fall garden wedding arch ideas

Woodland Arch

By ProFlowers

rustic woodland wedding arch ideas

Full Guide

By ProFlowers

full guide for wedding arch ideas

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