First things first. Here is a very important list of things we fell in love with at Craig & Marla’s wedding on January 20, 2018:

  1. All the fresh flowers! This couple had 26 fresh flower centerpieces and a gorgeous floral spray on their altar. There’s something about fresh flowers that make a wedding SO beautiful. We also got to sprinkle fresh rose petals down their aisle.
  2. Their dessert bar! Craig and Marla served 14 different desserts, not including their stunning 3-tier cake for guests! Their desserts came from Sugar, Spice, and Sprinkles here in Brookings, and included mini cupcakes (cookies-n-creme and white almond), mini cheesecakes (champagne strawberry and triple chocolate), tarts (luscious lemon and salted caramel), shooters (s’mores and peanut butter delight), Rice Krispie treats (white chocolate confetti, hot cocoa, white chocolate cranberry pecan), brownies (mint chocolate), and white cake pops.
  3. Their wintery color palette. We used navy, silver sparkle, and frosted greens throughout their decor.
  4.  When Craig teared up during the vows. It’s pretty common for the bride to get choked up, but it melted our hearts when the groom was overcome with emotion! You cry, we cry. We can’t help it.
  5. The altar draped with white, frosty sheers and a large floral spray. It set the stage for the entire wedding!
  6. The ushers. As a wedding planner, it’s my job to help coordinate every part of a wedding day, including helping ensure a smooth processional and guest arrival. Those ushers asked some great questions! It made me smile how seriously they were taking their jobs as I used my flight attendance fingers to motion what direction to escort guests.  🙂
  7. The harpist and acoustic guitar solos during the ceremony. It’s not every wedding that you get to help cue a harpist AND guitar player for the songs during a wedding. We loved it!
  8. The meal choices. This couple offered steak, salmon, or chicken to any guest in attendance. Since it was a plated meal, Hitch Studio printed matching meal cards for each guest. It was a very special detail to personalize the event.
  9. Her invitations! We designed beautiful laser-cut invitations with a silver sparkle band. (Heart-eyes emoji here)

We could go on and on about this wedding, but take a look for yourself at all their stunning details of the ceremony and reception!

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist? How do you know if you’re a bride and groom who need our level 1 services or our level 3 services? Those are all great questions. Here’s a quick breakdown for you. Some brides and their families have most of the wedding vendors figured out; they just need help decorating the day of the wedding and putting all the decorations away after the dance. They don’t need a full “wedding planner”, just a wedding stylist. That’s what Hitch specializes in. That’s our 1 Carat/Level 1 package. In the 2 Carat/Level 2 package, it includes styling your wedding AND our help at your ceremony. There’s a bit more coordination for that part, so that’s when we become wedding coordinators. We help decorate your ceremony, and ensure a smooth processional down the aisle. It’s great peace of mind for an outdoor wedding, especially, but for any bride who wants a flawless day. Wedding planning happens in our 3 Carat/Level 3 package. This is meant for a bride and groom who live out of town, have demanding jobs, have a short engagement period, and/or who need an on-site expert. This level is truly helping to plan the vendors, location, and logistics of your wedding day. Some couples don’t need this much assistance, and that’s what Levels 1 and 2 are for!

At Hitch Studio, we have three levels of wedding planning services that we mentioned above. Here’s break them down for you here to see which one fits you best!

1 Carat WEDDING STYLING — Hitch Studio sets up all the decorations at your reception and best of all, takes them down at the end of the evening. No stress, just beautiful centerpieces, head table, and overall reception! [reception styling]



2 Carat WEDDING COORDINATING — This level includes everything from 1 Carat, plus Hitch sets up a centerpiece showcase months before your wedding so you can mix, match, and choose your centerpieces! Also included: professional photos of your decorations, and ceremony coordinating and decorating. [reception + ceremony]



3 Carat WEDDING PLANNING — This level includes everything from 1+2 Carat, plus Hitch coordinates vendors, creates a wedding day timeline, and keeps you on track with a monthly schedule. We’re there for you all day, from setting up chairs and cutting cake, to keeping your dessert table refilled and every perfect detail in between. You and your family can all relax and enjoy this very special day!
[full-day coordinating]


For a complete listing of all services and levels of wedding styling at Hitch Studio, contact Renee and set up a free consultation. She’ll help answer any questions you may have! You can also purchase the Wedding Day Designer to help you through each step in the planning process! We’re happy to help no matter what level of help you need on your wedding day. It all means peace of mind for you.  <3 And that’s the most important part.

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