Gone are the days when “eloping” meant rebellious lovers running off to Las Vegas or City Hall. The term is now used to describe many different kinds of small wedding ceremonies (both spontaneous and planned). You can elope to get married on a mountaintop, a beach, or even a backyard. Whatever kind of wedding you opt for, Hitch Studio can help decorate your intimate ceremony, your large reception, and even design your very custom-worded invitations.

Why elope? With most of today’s couples spending big bucks on ceremonies alone, many are turning to simple, intimate elopements and returning home to larger reception parties. It also cuts down on common wedding stressors—money, time, and drama.

Debunking Elopement Myths:

  1. When you elope, you skimp on everything—including the way you look.

False! Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge on your looks. Many brides still buy a wedding gown and have their hair and makeup styled. Most grooms still wear a suit. However, if you wanted to go sweet and simple, you absolutely can. That’s the beauty of eloping—couples have the freedom to do what would truly make them happy and not feel pressured to follow tradition!

2. You and your fiance are completely alone during the ceremony (with the exception of the officiant).

Also false! Eloping no longer means that you and your fiance are completely alone, but rather in a more intimate setting. If you wish, a few close family members (such as parents, siblings, or even friends) can attend your ceremony. If your family is unable to take part in the ceremony, or you’d rather have a private ceremony, then encourage them to send notes of love and encouragement that you can read the morning of your wedding before reciting your vows.

Below is an example of how to work an invitation that invites people to the reception after the elopement:

3. When you elope, you lose out on all the fun wedding stuff (sending announcements, having parties, showers, etc.).

Once again, this is false. I can’t stress this enough: elopements don’t impose restrictions upon a couple—they merely allow freedom and flexibility.

There are plenty of fun ideas for elopement announcements to send through the mail, much like you would a wedding invitation or thank you cards. Check out just one of our many options above. Hitch Studio offers elopement announcement design! Click here to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Mentioned earlier, many couples choose to hold a large reception party following the ceremony. This is especially popular for those who elope away from home. Just because you opt for a more intimate ceremony, doesn’t mean that you can’t include others in celebrating your nuptials! And guess what? Hitch Studio can help you out with this, as well! Planning, location, decorating, tear-down—you name it. We’ve got it covered.

4. Another tip to eloping: You don’t have to choose between 30 different people to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. You don’t have to deal with your best friend from sophomore year of high school being upset that you chose your sister instead of her to be your maid of honor—uffda!

Weddings bring out the best and worst in people. Spending excess of $30,000 on an event that could span one or two days raises stress levels, and could make your love story look like a loan you’ll never get out of. And, really, shouldn’t your love story have a sense of frivolity and bliss and the feeling that everything is right in the world?

Elopements are becoming more popular because of feasible financial obligations, simplicity, and because some couples just want to be a little different. Whatever the reason, we are here to make sure the day is filled with enchantment and unhindered blissfulness. Click here to find out how we can hitch our know-how and creativity with your vision to ensure a day worth remembering and celebrating for years to come.

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  1. wedding venues in worcestershire on February 25, 2018 at 7:00 am

    I personally do not like such big events. Small and quiet wedding parties are cool. More romantic and only for loved ones.

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