Pockets or no pockets? Geometric, script, handwritten or classic fonts? Photos or icons? Shimmery, oatmeal, cotton, matte, recycled, embossed, or stippled paper? Background image of distressed wood or just floral illustrations? Dusty purple, sandy brown or electric pink? Postcard sized RSVP or attached envelope? Oh, and have you thought about what you want the invite to say?

Overwhelmed yet? Let’s hope not! But if you are, Hitch Studio is here to help. When you start to envision your wedding day and stationery, we don’t want you to compromise. When you work with the designers at Hitch, you have the choice of any color, any font, any type of paper, any graphics—anything you want. All of the work we do here is custom and unique to your vision. You get a one-on-one, free consultation with a designer to put your thoughts and dreams into action. We want to hear about your hopes and visions and Pinterest boards and cutesy details that you’d like to be included in that one-of-a-kind invitation. From personalized maps leading to your venue to custom monograms, we’ve got you covered.

We recently released our Midwest Wedding Trends blog, but so you can get a head start on envisioning that part of your big day, we wanted to dig in a little deeper into the trends we are seeing in wedding stationery design! Here’s what we found out:

Sunflowers: These flowers are known for their clear admiration of the sun, following its rays every way it shines. Because of this, sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty—perfect for adorning your wedding stationery! Pair it with gold accents, wood grain textures, or even a monogram. Remember that everything we do at Hitch Studio is custom, so we can accommodate any pairings you wish!

Amanda and Sergio paired their sunflower accent with a gold foil shimmer boarder, white monogram, wood grain band and earthy tones. This gives the invite an elegant yet sweet and rustic feel.

Ellen and Jared also used a single sunflower blossom to encase their monogram, and splashed the rest of the invite in bright yellow flowers. The yellow is pulled from the flowers themselves into other elements of the invite while keeping the look of simplicity.


All-in-one Invites: We are seeing more and more couples choose the pocket style invitation for an all-in-one option. For easy organization, you can pair your invite with a pocket to hold all additional cards (like RSVP card, information card with maps, activities, accommodations, etc.)! We can order a pocket in any color your little heart desires to match the stationery and your wedding colors.

This couple chose to use a pocket to house all of their other cards in addition to the invite itself. Check out those adorable accents of candy striped string holding a paper charm and a lace band on the front!


Personalized monograms: We can design a personalized monogram to fit your wedding vision and stationery design style—truly customized!

Laser cut windows: Add an elegant touch to your invites with a custom laser cut window. You can choose any design you want to compliment your stationery design. It’s the perfect way to draw the viewer’s eyes to a certain area of the design, and to ensure that your invite will claim a permanent spot on their fridge! This gate-fold pocket also holds any additional stationery cards behind the invitation card.

Kate and Michael used this beautifully cut window to draw attention to the monogram at the top of the invitation. Notice how the white flowers resemble the blossoms of their monogram! The silver sparkle band added a glamorous, yet rustic look.


Menu design: Elegantly designed menus on shimmery paper add the perfect touch to your reception. You can even have fun with the names of food and drink with this one!


Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas!

When you have something unique in mind for your wedding invitations—a special paper, a color you can’t find online, a one-on-one experience, a custom design that’s exactly what you wanted—that’s when you set up a meeting with the designers at Hitch Studio. We love putting your love story on paper and making sure it all coordinates.

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