Wedding Invitations: The Best Designs of the Year and 10 Reasons Hitch Studio is Better Than Ordering Online

There are three full-time designers on staff at Hitch Studio — and we LOVE designing wedding invitations! We love meeting with brides and their families, we love designing the perfect invitation for each engaged couple, and we love helping them choose paper and details in person. We LOVE their love stories — and wedding invitations are the first pieces of a love story that a couple gets to share with their guests.

Get ready, because we’re about to share our best wedding invitation and wedding stationery designs of the year along with…

10 Reasons Why Hitch Studio’s Custom Wedding Invitation Designs are Better Than Ordering Online

  1. You can choose, create, imagine and help inspire any design you’d like. We design custom wedding invitations and they are just that — custom to anything you want! Want to add some boho flowers that match your bouquet? Done. Want to add an idea you found on Pinterest? Sure! Want laser-cut pocket folders? We’ll find them. Want bright yellow envelopes? Got ’em. Let’s make these perfect for you and your wedding vision. We even created invitations and programs with an air balloon because that is where the couple got engaged! Look at those here!
  2. You can have the exact shade of color you want. Online options only offer a few shades of ink, and rarely do they have the exact color you had in mind. Or the on-screen color looks a lot different when it arrives in the mail. For example, if you want a specific shade of dusty purple or a deep burgundy (like deep burgundy), we can match ANY color you have in mind perfectly! Plus, we can design your save the dates, wedding invitations, programs, and thank you notes that all coordinate!
  3. We help you choose the paper that fits your vision (and budget) best. Hitch Studio has several color decks of paper options and we offer several textures of papers (cotton, feltweave, linen, semi-gloss, matte, recycled, speckled, columns, and kraft-paper just to name a few). You get to feel how thick and high-quality our papers are. We’ve heard too many horror stories from online orders about thin paper with limited options. We want you to have exactly what you had in mind. Speaking of online mistakes, we’ve been in too many meetings where the couple ordered their save the dates online. They made the common oversight of ordering one for every person on their mailing list! Actually, the quantity ordered should be one per family or household. We could have saved them so much paper and money!
  4. You get to meet with a real person! We want to hear all about your wedding details! We want to see your eyes light up with excitement. We want to meet you and your fiancé! We want to hear about everything that you want to see in your wedding invitations! Plus, when you have a last-minute change or want to add special instructions, we can do that for you. We’re one phone call or visit away at 414 Main Ave. in downtown Brookings at the cutest store in town. We’re RIGHT here to help!
  5. You get to add special details. Details like maps, additional detail cards, pockets, lace, ribbon, and more, aren’t off-limits at Hitch Studio! We can design a map that shows the exact location of your outdoor wedding, we can design additional insert cards with parking instructions or an engagement photo or dance-only invitations. We love custom details!
  6. When you work with Hitch, you get invitation etiquette experts. We are experts in wording and etiquette for wedding stationery. We help with wording on wedding invitations, programs, save the dates and more. Did you know there are special etiquette rules for how to list the parents (how to list a deceased or divorced parent)? Did you know the year should be written as “Two Thousand Eighteen” and not “Two Thousand and Eighteen”. Did you know the name of a state should always be written out like “South Dakota” instead of listed as “SD”. Did you know that “Five o’clock” can either be listed as afternoon or evening, depending on the time of year (and daylight savings time)? We can help with ALL the details you may not know about. We prevent misspellings and make your wedding invitations professional and perfect. For more tips, read this!
  7. You get to see your invitation designs every step of the way. First, you get to meet with us in person and choose papers, colors, details, and designs. Second, Hitch Studio designs you multiple options as PDFs that we email you. You can suggest and make any changes you’d like to all the versions we send! Once we make those changes, we move on step three. Third, we print you a proof of your favorite design with all the edits you had on the paper and envelopes you chose! You get to see it exactly how it will print. But you still have time to make any changes you see. Maybe the text needs to be larger? Maybe the blue needs to be bluer? Whatever it is, you’ll notice it on the printed proof! Fourth, and finally, you approve your proof and we print your order! You get to pick it up in a beautiful white gift box. And you know they’re perfect because you approved them every step of the way.
  8. We can assemble them if needed! I don’t think any online website does that! We can glue crystals, we can tie ribbon, we can attach lace, we can insert cards into pockets and we can seal envelopes. We do it all for a small fee!
  9. We can print your guest addresses on your envelopes. Hitch can save you tons of hours of time by using your Excel guest list to print the names and addresses directly on the envelopes, using the fonts that match your invitations! We can also print your return address (home address) on the back flap of the envelope to save you even more time! For more information, check this blog out!
  10. You’d be supporting a local business. When you decide to buy from a small business, you support local families, your community, and the dream of business owners like Carrie and Renee. You’ll be a part of a larger vision. We are real people who will sincerely celebrate and appreciate your purchase. We will see you around town and be pleased to say hello and call you a Hitch bride!

Here are just some of most recent wedding invitations we’ve designed. Find more on our Etsy page.

Do you have some questions about getting started? We can answer those! Hitch Studio can give you a price quote on your dream wedding invitations! Give us a call or check this Q&A section first.

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