You spoke — and we listened. Brides wanted more lower-priced options for wedding invitations (even from a custom design invitation store like Hitch!) We had a hunch, but we also surveyed 60 newly married brides from the Brookings, SD area to find out more. Why did they choose online options? Why did they choose face-to-face meetings like Hitch Studio? Did they want a ton of options? Or did they prefer simplicity?

We took all of our survey results (and our knowledge of the industry) and created an entire line of pre-designed stationery to help with this solution.

We would like to introduce our two levels of wedding invitation pricing:

  1. Short & Sweet Collection: Choose from our pre-designed wedding invitation options and save on time, money and decisions. You can still edit names, information and colors to customize, of course. Stop into Hitch to see them in person! If you prefer to shop online from home, browse this list from our Etsy store.  A sample is only $5. Prices for this collection start at only $2.60 each invitation set.
    To download our ful
  2. Uniquely Yours Collection: We’ll work together to customize a wedding invitation design that’s perfectly YOU, including unique details, specialized papers, fun colors and sparkly details. Need an illustrated map of your small town? Want something different? This style and pricing is for you.

To download our full pricing guide, click here and fill out the middle form (just a couple of boxes and hit SEND!)

Process for ordering either option:

  1. After you choose your favorite wedding stationery set, we’ll send you a price estimate. (Or, if you’re ordering a sample from Etsy, it’s only $5!)
  2. A 50% down payment on that price quote is our green light to start designing them with your information.
  3. We’ll send you a wedding details information sheet to fill out for your wedding
  4. We’ll design your layout and send you an electronic PDF proof.
  5. After making revisions to that proof (if any!), then we’ll also get you a printed proof on the paper you chose, with the envelope color you chose so you can see exactly how it will look! (Maybe the color was different on-screen than it is printed. Maybe the font is too big/small now that you see it up close.) Whatever the reasons, we want you to see it and love it exactly how it will print!
  6. After we make another set of revisions (if any!), THEN we’ll send everything to the printer. You get to see the progress every step of the way and won’t order 200 of something you haven’t even seen yet. We get it! It’s one step better than online invitation sites.
  7. We’ll ship your order, or you can pick up your final order from Hitch Studio on Main Ave. in Brookings, SD! (All wrapped in a nice white gift box for you, tied with a ribbon.)

Why are locally-designed invitations better than online mega-sites?

Maybe this is why.

Or maybe it’s this.

We like to think it’s this too.

Take a look at some our wedding invitation design options from the “Short & Sweet Collection”:

Contact us today if you’d like to see more wedding invitations options in person! Make an appointment today with Renee.

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