Love Notes: Testimonials from Hitch Couples

This week, we received three thank you notes from amazing brides we’ve worked with these past couple months! Their words make our heart melt and make us LOVE what we do.

Laura sent us this thank you note. We are the wedding coordinators for her wedding AND we designed her save the dates. Here’s what her cute note said after sending us a save the date: “They are so cute and perfect for us, so we can’t help but share one with the people who are making our dream possible. Thank you for all your hard work!” We can’t wait to finish your invitations, Laura + Eric!

The second thank you note we received says this from a couple who got married a couple of weeks ago. They hired us as wedding planners + wedding stylists: “I cannot thank you enough! You gave me the wedding of my dreams! Every single thing was perfect! You are AMAZING at what you do.” Awww…we love you too, Maquenzie and Erik!

Photo of Maquenzie and Erik by Erica Lynn Photography

The third thank you note was from the cutest couple who got married in June. They hired Hitch Studio to be their wedding coordinator as well and said this: “Stephan and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us to make our special day happen! It was absolutely perfect! Wouldn’t have changed a thing — no stress whatsoever. The wedding doesn’t come up in conversation without them asking who did it for us or us just telling them. Stephan didn’t get it at first (boys. Haha!) but as the day got closer, he said we could not have done this without Renee — and he is so right! The venue and photographer were perfect and we would have never known about them without you. Thank you again for everything!” You’re SO welcome, Taylor + Stephan.

Photo of Taylor + Stephan by Erica Lynn Photography

This final testimonial I’ll share today comes from a bride who got married on October 1, 2016. I still keep in touch with her (I love when brides stay friends!!) and she sent me these kind words. I just have to share them:

“If you’re feeling stressed with the big things during wedding planning, you will be completely overwhelmed with the little things. They really add up and Hitch made sure to remind me about things as we moved through the planning timeline. They are easy to get in touch with and schedule meetings with. They reply to questions/emails very quickly. I thought picking out the dress and caterer was tough, but when you get down to the little details, there are tons of decisions to make! Renee was great at making sure we knew all the options (because she knows a lot about local vendors and what they offer) and she also made sure we didn’t forget any steps. For example, “Reserved” signs for tables where you want your family to sit; pens for the guest book; making sure the venues are unlocked when vendors need to get in to set up. She just thinks of everything! Renee took care of getting everything from the ceremony to the reception, like the card box, any gifts, the guest book, and some of the decorations we were using at both locations. And at the end of the night, they packed up all the decorations, got the rentals returned for us, packed up the things that were ours, helped box up extra dessert, you name it! I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Hitch. So worth the money to have that peace of mind that your aunt or your cousin isn’t going to forget one of their duties or that your whole family will have to help tear down the stage and clean up when everyone is just exhausted! The peace of mind was something I couldn’t put a price tag on. Again, if you’re stressed by a few big decisions, let Hitch help you take care of the millions of little decisions.”  ~Jackie + Tony

We just LOVE what we do. We LOVE who we get to meet and work with. We can’t wait to work with YOU. Truly, we love to hear all about wedding details.

For engaged couples (and mothers) who want a stress-free wedding day:

Hitch Studio is a wedding planning boutique that decorates weddings, coordinates the details, designs wedding invitations, and provides a seamless timeline + checklist to follow, so you don’t have to try to do it all yourself.

Hitch Studio specializes in wedding styling with our attention to detail, hard-working servant spirit, and our gift to you — access to *all* of our decor at no extra cost so you can have a beautiful, organized, and relaxed wedding day.

Set up an appointment today if you want to chat about how Hitch Studio can help with your wedding day.

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