Rose Gold, Burgundy, Champagne, Rustic and Romantic Wedding (Plus What Exactly Comes with a Full-Service Wedding Planner)

I just love this couple. They got married in , the cutest little church near Watertown, South Dakota. Their wedding style included rose gold details, rustic woodsy elements, deep burgundy red, neutral colors like champagne, and some glam sparkle romantic looks. They wanted Hitch Studio to help with decorating the church, the reception, and handling all the little details along the way, so they chose our “3 Carat” level of service, which means they got ALL the services that Hitch Studio can offer on their wedding day. Our “1 Carat” beginning level includes wedding styling for your reception. Our “2 Carat” level includes wedding styling for your reception AND ceremony. Our 3 Carat level includes a full-service wedding planner. Hitch Studio decorates your entire day, coordinates timelines and schedules with you and your vendors, and oversees the logistics to make your wedding day the least stressful it can be. We handle it all, from booking vendors if you want us to — to making sure they all arrive on time. Here’s an outline of what to expect when you choose the 3-Carat full wedding planner level.

Our “3 Carat” level includes full wedding planning services (yep, all this and more):

  • Performing all worksheet checkboxes/services as outlined in these worksheets (Yep, together, we fill out your Wedding Worksheets, which come with all the services you need cool, calm, and collected on your wedding day, plus some a la carte options, so we only do what you want us to — and you only pay for those extra boxes checked. If your aunts want to put out your favors, great! If your cousins want to cut your cake and serve it, wonderful. If you need us to hang those bistro lights, though, we’re on it. They are customized, easy, and spell out your cost so you know exactly what’s going to save you stress. Plus, you know your budget total BEFORE your wedding day…not after.)
  • Unlimited meetings with you and communication as needed (We want to hear about everything! Text, call, meet, email, whatever works best for you.)
  • Recommend any wedding vendors specific to your budget or needs (If you want to find a florist in Brookings, we’ll send you a few. If you’re looking for a DJ in your price range, we’ll send those too. If you need to find a makeup artist who will do on-site hair and makeup, we let you know who comes highly recommended. Save yourself hours of research, and just as the wedding pros who know. We’ve seen their work and know which wedding vendors to recommend…and which ones to avoid.)
  • Picking up/returning any rentals that Hitch rented for you (delivery to/from venue included) (If we rented it for you, we’ll return it for you. Anything from head table backdrops, to dance floor, to chairs at your ceremony. We’ve got it covered so you don’t have to worry.)
  • Use of all decorations in Hitch inventory (Visit our Decor Collection to see everything available to you! We don’t charge extra for the decorations in our inventory. You can have anything you want at no extra charge [every vase, candle, garland, artificial flower, lantern, wood slab…if we own it, you get access to it]! It’s all included in the total price, so your wedding can be as beautiful as it can possibly be.)
  • Hitch decorates all tables at your reception (We decorate all of the tables at your reception with our expert eye for design and attention to detail. You helped choose the centerpieces, so you know exactly what variety of decor is going on each table! Plus, we set it all up and we take it all down at midnight — when you don’t want to have to worry about stuff like that at midnight.)   😉
  • Photo collection of images of your wedding reception decorations (We take photos of your wedding centerpieces and your wedding details — like head table, bistro lights, ceremony set up, cake table, “In Memory” photo table, etc. Consider it our gift to you when they look just like the Pinterest photos you pinned! Plus, when you enter your reception, it will be full of the family and friends you love at each table and you won’t get the chance to see it in all its beauty. That’s why we take photos like the ones below, so you have those memories forever! We take the photos and save it as a Dropbox link for you to access anytime.)
  • Centerpiece showcase styled just for you at Hitch to choose your centerpieces (This is a decoration styling showcase just for you. It includes Hitch Studio putting together 10-15 of the best centerpieces to fit your colors, theme, budget and style. Then, you get to pick your favorites! Maybe we mix-and-match some of them, maybe we add some of your personal items into the centerpieces, maybe we trade artificial flowers for real. Whatever it is, we finish with the centerpiece set ups you love. If you have 28 tables, maybe we do four of each of seven centerpieces. Maybe we do special centerpieces on your “reserved” tables. It’s all in the process of choosing what you love.)
  • Creation of centerpiece key so you know exactly what’s going on which tables (After the centerpiece showcase, Hitch Studio puts together a guide of the centerpieces and decorations you chose for your head table, reception tables, ceremony aisle, and guest book table. That way you know exactly what’s going where.)
  • Ceremony decorating (We can decorate any part of your ceremony as well, from the aisle, altar, and guestbook, to putting out the programs, card box, and placing the unity ceremony)
  • Confirmations with each vendor within 30 days of wedding (That’s right. We call each one of your vendors just to check in. Your cake has cream cheese frosting and needs to be refrigerated all day? Got it. Your musicians need a back-up plan in case it rains at your ceremony? I’m on it. Your florist can’t find your barn wedding on this country road? I’ll give her directions. Any detail is covered!)
  • Full day-of-coordinator (This means we’re in tune with every detail of your wedding. We’re basically your clone, so we could answer almost any question you might get.  🙂  We help with the processional, greeting guests, logistics, seating charts, and anything else that might come up! Your aunt shows up with cream cheese mints to surprise you? We’ll keep them refrigerated and put them out on time.)
  • Creation of wedding day timeline (We put this timeline together so you know when your vendors will be arriving and what Hitch will be working on every hour of your big day).
  • Renee Halgerson leads decorating effort (and includes all the Hitch staffing you’ll need for your day)
  • Free tote bag from Hitch Studio (for holding your wedding binder and organizing your info! Just a little gift from us.)

Congratulations, Bailley and Nick! Enjoy some of their wedding decoration photos below. We were in love with their grand entrance staircase full of candles, their cake table and their glamorous head table! So gorgeous, you two. Oh! And we want a guest book like yours someday.   <3













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