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Hitch Studio is a wedding planning and decorating business in Brookings, South Dakota. We work really closely with photographers and videographers when it comes to the timeline and logistics of your first look on your wedding day! We want it to be PERFECT for you! Want a more intimate way to see each other before hundreds of guests are seeing you down the aisle for the first time? If so, you’ll love doing a first look. You’ll get more images of the real emotions when you first see each other.

Here are some tips for your first look:

Find a spot with lots of natural light, if possible.

Outside is ideal, but choose a spot with lots of windows if indoors. Select a location that is meaningful and offers a beautiful backdrop for the first look. It could be in a garden, a scenic spot, or anywhere that holds significance for you as a couple.

What to expect:

To start, the groom will be facing away from the bride. Then the wedding planner or photographer will lead the bride toward the groom. After the photographer(s) and videographer(s) are set with camera angles, they’ll signal the bride to GO!

TIP: If you’re on the fence about hiring that second shooter or a videographer, it’s a wonderful photo idea to capture his reaction to you, but also YOUR reaction to HIM! Having two photographers capture that from both angles is priceless.

You want this moment to be intimate, so only include people who will make you feel comfortable. If your entire wedding party is watching from a window, ask for some privacy. To get the most natural reactions, just forget the photographers are even there.

Bride, you’ll gently tap him on the shoulder and then stand two steps behind him so he can turn around and see the full view of you and your dress! Holding your bouquet is optional during this part.

Photos by Courtney Trapp Photography, Erica Lynn Photography, and Chelsea Jean Photography

After the First Look:

After the first look, you can share your vows, gifts, or letters to each other. If you want to read the letters out loud, let your videographer know so they can put a mic on you while you read. (You can also read them in silence.) You can also exchange rings (because you’ll want them on for photos anyway!)

Be ready for about 30 minutes of bride and groom portraits after your first look! Remember, relax and be present, even if your schedule is running behind or things aren’t going as planned. You only get to do this once. Take it alllll in. Take a moment to breathe and savor the experience. Focus on each other and your emotions, and try to block out distractions.

Want to do this with your bridesmaids and father too? Just repeat the process!

Want more tips like these?

The Wedding Day Designer is FULL of tips and insider information for how to best prepare for your wedding day. The guide comes as a 158-page notebook or binder and will help guide the Midwest couple through their entire engagement!

Photo by Ally Wurts Photography

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