WordPress Gutenburg: 5 Things You Should Know

If you’re a long-time WordPress user, you’ve probably heard about the Gutenberg plug-in. Some of our employees have been using Wordpress as little as eight months and others for several years. We made the switch to the Gutenberg just recently and there are some key differences to note before you get started in this new world of digital word!

Building Blocks

Before we get started, let’s get some perspective. I’m a nerd and need to know the meaning behind words, so when I saw the update was named “Gutenberg”, I went into research mode. Did you know Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the first moveable printing press over 500 years ago? Clever! The key word here is “moveable” which is a big feature to the update. Now, when you are writing your blog, everything is considered a “block”. Think of these blocks as legos you’re using to build out your content. They are easily moveable and editable without tampering with other blocks’ layouts. No more copying and pasting!

Reuse, Reduce

Along with the new concept of Blocks comes the idea of reuse-able Blocks. These can help to reduce time of creating a more consistent blog by allowing you to reuse the same template in multiple blog posts.

Content Creation

In previous versions of WordPress you needed to know HTML and short codes to embed anything into your blog. Gutenberg is more intuitive and easier to use when adding things like pictures and websites, which means even the newest of users should be able to catch on quickly.

Mobile Friendly

We live in a world that is constantly on the move! Gutenberg gets that. The new block layout provides easy access on any device. Mobile friendly editing allows for quick changes even while you’re on the go!

Overall Ease of Use

In the end, the Gutenberg update is meant to make WordPress more aligned with its philosophy. Which is, in essence, that it should be easy for anyone to pick up and use WordPress.



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