Exciting News! Hitch Studio Grows, Sells, and Expands

Friends of Hitch Studio — Carrie and Renee have some exciting news to share with you! 

Five and a half years ago, in early 2014, Carrie Kuhl and Renee Bauman started Hitch Studio as business partners in a wedding invitation design business. Since then, they’ve grown Hitch Studio into three divisions — weddings, graphic design + web design, and the retail store in Downtown Brookings. 

They are thrilled to announce that they’ve grown those three divisions into three fully-functioning separate businesses! Renee will be keeping the wedding business, Hitch Studio. Carrie will be keeping her web and graphic design business and is naming it “UpFrame Creative”. 

“It’s so exciting to think Carrie and I grew three businesses out of one startup in only five years,” says Bauman. “We’ve grown so much it’s time that we both focus on our own divisions to help each succeed.”

Kuhl adds, “It is because of the Brookings community, our friends and our families that we were able to create a thriving business together. Now we can begin our next chapter focused on our strengths. I could not be more excited for what the future has in store for us.”

That leaves the store. What will be happening with the retail store? They sold it! It will re-open as “Honeycomb Gifts” under a new owner — Kirsten Gjesdal who also owns and operates The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. in Downtown Brookings.

“I am so excited to continue the beautiful retail store Carrie and Renee have built in Downtown Brookings,” says Gjesdal. “Honeycomb Gifts will be joyful, inviting, and filled with fun pockets of discovery, including fresh floral arrangements from Hand Tied by Sheri Vaughn.”

All three businesses — Hitch Studio, UpFrame Creative, and Honeycomb Gifts — will remain in the same location at 414 Main Avenue in Downtown Brookings, SD. 

“We couldn’t think of a better person to take over and run the brick and mortar retail store,” says Bauman. “It’s in such good hands. The building we’re in is full of creative female entrepreneurs!”

“I am honored that our friend Kirsten wanted to carry on our store. I am looking forward to seeing her vision come to life,” says Kuhl.

Hitch Paperie and Gifts is open until August 31 and will sell many inventory items at reduced prices before Gjesdal opens Honeycomb Gifts on October 23, 2019. 

If you’re a current customer of Hitch Studio, you won’t notice a change. If you’re a customer of Carrie Kuhl, you’ll see new contact information and invoices coming from UpFrame Creative instead of Hitch Studio, but no major shifts. If you have questions about this transition, please reach out!

Carrie and Renee are still best of friends and their offices are remaining in the same building. They extend a huge THANK YOU to their family of employees, customers and clients, their families, friends, and spouses for supporting them throughout the years. Their growth is because of YOU! Your encouragement and loyalty mean the world to them!

With so much love and excitement, 
Renee + Carrie

Photo Left to right: Sheri Vaughn, Carrie Kuhl, Renee Bauman, Kirsten Gjesdal

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