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Congratulations on your engagement! Let the wedding planning begin, right? For some people that’s exciting and for others that means stress. It means SO many questions and decisions! Planning a wedding can get overwhelming in a hurry. But that’s what the Wedding Day Designer is for! Grab a glass of wine because we’re in this together. 

My name is Renee Bauman and I’m the author of the Wedding Day Designer. I’ve been a wedding planner for over five years, so I’ve helped a lot of brides and grooms with a lot of details at a lot of weddings. This is my way of being able to help you too.  <3

It’s the perfect guide — not too overwhelming with hundreds of pages — yet has the perfect amount of steps to help you break down your wedding into small actionable tasks until you make BIG progress. This whole engagement/planning thing is supposed to be fun! We’ll make sure it is.

If you buy the physical book, it is your “insider’s guide” to realistic to-do lists for your wedding day so you feel confident, calm, and organized along the way. It has a full timeline and checklist, sample wedding day timeline, sample processional lineup, room layout/seating chart template, stationery wording samples, envelope addressing etiquette, and questions to ask EACH vendor and what to have prepared for each meeting with them. You’ll be so ready for this.

If you decide to buy the digital version, it’s a downloadable PDF that you can type and click your way through, share with family and friends for input, and print pages if you’d like. The digital version has one amazing thing the printed copy doesn’t have — bonus links throughout the guide that click to helpful blogs with additional information. So one item on your checklist might be decide on a unity ceremony — you can click for ideas on unity ceremony. Or how to make your wedding unique. Or tips for a vintage wedding. Click your way to more information only when you want it.

My wish for you on your wedding day is that you look back on it with love and joy — and not stress or anxiety. My wish for you is that this “Wedding Day Designer” saves you hours of time and research — and brings you peace of mind that everything will go smoothly because YOU planned it. And hey, at the end of the day, you’re married! And that’s what matters most of all.

This Wedding Day Designer will also help you delegate tasks. So when someone so lovingly asks, “what can I help with?”, you can confidently say, this, this and this. My wish for you is that your marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding.

I’m sending you so much love, encouragement, and best wishes always,

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