FAQs for Parents Planning a Wedding

Moms and dads — we see you, we know you, we love you! And you always ask the best questions, which is why we LOVE having you join in on the wedding planning meetings! We know you play such a big part in your son or daughter’s wedding day. We’re here for all the questions, emotions, logistics, and stress-saving ideas. We can’t wait to meet you!

My main question has always been, “Why doesn’t mom get a personal attendant on the wedding day?!” Haha! I feel like they need one. Essentially, that’s who we become. Hitch can be your go-to for insider’s tips or knowledge about the wedding day. Maybe even hand you that mimosa when you need one most. Let’s team up and make sure this wedding day you’re helping with is so perfect!

So here they come — FAQs for all parents planning a wedding! We hope these help as you decide to hire Hitch Studio as your wedding planner! Some of the most common questions we hear are:

Experience and expertise:

  • Q: How long have you been a wedding planner?
  • A: Hitch opened in 2014 and Renee has been a Certified Wedding Planner since then! The other Certified Wedding Planners at Hitch Studio have a combined 13 years of event experience!
  • Q: How many weddings has Hitch coordinated? How many that are similar to ours?
  • A: By the end of 2023, we will have coordinated nearly 200 weddings, ranging from micro-weddings to large weddings over 400 people. Styles and themes are all unique, so we’re sure you can find décor items and styles that fit your vibe!
  • Q: Do you have testimonials from happy clients?
  • A: We sure do! Check these out!

Venue and vendor recommendations:

  • Q: Do you have a list of preferred venues and vendors in our area?
  • A: We do! We have personally vetted a top 10 list in every vendor category that are dependable, good communicators, and responsible. We do have a master list beyond the top 10 if you want us to find something very particular! And yes, we have a list of venues in the Brookings and Sioux Falls area, complete with 16 different data points comparing capacity, price, alcohol policy, handicap accessibility, on-site accommodations and more. Believe us when we say we can save you HOURS of research!
  • Q: Have you worked with these venues and vendors before?
  • A: Yes! That’s how each vendor made it onto our list. We work closely with wedding professionals in Brookings, Sioux Falls, Watertown, Aberdeen, Madison, Mitchell, and beyond. Ask to see a wedding in a particular venue and we can show you photos of past weddings for some inspiration!
  • Q: Can you help us find suitable venues and vendors within our budget?
  • A: That’s what we’re here for!

Budget Management:

  • Q: What does the average wedding cost in South Dakota?
  • A: Personally, we see weddings land around $30,000-$40,000 budgets. According to 2022 data published by “the Knot,” the average amount spent on each guest has gone up over $50 in the last two years with a total of $266 per person. The average wedding cost of a Sioux Falls, South Dakota wedding is $24,500 and in Brookings, South Dakota is $22,400. Aberdeen, South Dakota spends the next highest amount on a wedding at $21,600.
  • Q: How much are we looking to spend with Hitch Studio?
  • A: Our prices start at $2400 for wedding day management and $2950 for decorating services. The average couple spends around $5000 when they combine wedding planning and decorating packages with Hitch Studio, but we have many a la carte options to keep things budget-friendly.
  • Q: How do you handle payment schedules and billing for your services?
  • A: A 50% down payment of any package you choose is our green light to book your date in our calendar, match you with a Certified Wedding Planner, and reserve your decor items. The next 25% payment isn’t due until your 90-day mark, and the final payment isn’t due until 15 days after your wedding. We’re big believers in showing you our best work and not having to pay the final amount the day of the wedding. Take some time off, decompress after the wedding for a couple weeks, and then we’ll discuss the remaining 25%. The best part of getting your final invoice is that you get an edited gallery of all decor photos taken on the wedding day! A little gift for you and your loved ones.
  • Q: Are there any hidden fees or additional costs we should be aware of?
  • A: We try to be as transparent as possible. Our fun, interactive worksheets are built to be a la carte, so everything is build-as-you-go. You only add what you want. Two extra things that may add to your total are mileage/gas fees if we travel outside of Brookings, possible hotel costs, and any outside rentals you may want (specialty linens, large accent pieces, etc.) But we find the rentals, book them, pick them up, and return them for you, all while adding that total to your invoice from Hitch, so you can consider it seamless and handled!

Timeline and planning process:

  • Q: What is your planning process, and how far in advance do you start planning?
  • A: We start planning the minute you book! We’re too excited to wait! Depending on the package you choose, you get a 12-month meeting, 6-month meeting, 90-day meeting, 60-day meeting, 30-day meeting and 1-week meeting. We want to stay in touch throughout the entire process, so don’t be surprised if you get a monthly check-in email from us too!
  • Q: Can you provide us with a detailed timeline leading up to the wedding day?
  • A: Oh, “detailed” is an understatement. You’ll get a 2-page timeline full of important arrival times, departure times, when the guys should be dressed and ready for photos, who is pinning the boutonnieres, when the caterer is arriving, how we will keep the cream cheese-frosted desserts cool and set out at the right time, when to signal for speeches and toasts so you don’t miss your sunset photos, and MUCH more! In our opinion, the more people that have this timeline in their hands (wedding party, family, vendors), the more likely your day is to stay on time.

Wedding Design and Theme:

  • Q: Can you assist with our wedding, design, vibe and theme?
  • A: We’re SO glad you asked! That’s our favorite part! We can do all the decorating for you! Not only do you get access to our entire Décor Collection for free, and these online portfolios and galleries to browse for inspiration, but we can also set up a centerpiece showcase, which is a really fun day of picking and pairing linens, napkins, colors, centerpieces, florals, and more. You get to see 10-20 centerpiece options and mix-and-match until you love it! Then we make a centerpiece key so you know what décor is going where on the wedding day. We also stay until the end of the dance to take it all down for you! No stress, no worries — and tons of design/theme options to choose from. You can also supplement with your own décor! The more, the merrier!

Coordination on the Wedding Day:

  • Q: How do you handle wedding day coordinating and logistics?
  • A: Hitch Studio has four Certified Wedding Planners to handle your coordinating and logistics and we’ll match you with the best fit! Along with your lead planner, about 3-4 assistants will be present at well to help with decorating.

Communication and Updates:

  • Q: How do you communicate with us throughout the planning process?
  • A: Our favorite method is email because we often have valuable attachments, but if you prefer text updates, we can do that too.

Contingency Plans and Problem Solving:

  • Q: How do you handle the unexpected emergencies on a wedding day?
  • A: Well, our best answer is that we have 10 years of experience with unexpected challenges! We are all quick thinkers with great solutions in our back pockets. Plus, there are usually 3-5 Hitch employees at each wedding, so there’s plenty of help should something arise. We’ve never met a situation we couldn’t handle. Plus, we like to make the best of memorable moments.
  • Q: How do you ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently?
  • A: We depend on our master wedding day timeline to keep vendors, wedding party and things running smoothly that day. We also have great relationships with our vendors, so if anything happened, it’s nothing we couldn’t tackle with some teamwork! Plus, with three to six meetings of preparation, nothing should slip through the cracks. You’re covered!

Accommodating Special Requests:

  • Q: Can you accommodate any special cultural or religious customs or traditions we want to include in the wedding?
  • A: Of course! We’d love to hear more about what you have in mind!

Do you have other questions besides these? We’d love to hear them! Click here to contact us.

One final thought. If planning the wedding starts getting stressful and overwhelming instead of joyful and fun, we’re happy to take on the stressful pieces. We know you’re hard-working and like to be helpful, but you deserve to have someone else take the reins for once. Have fun chatting with friends and family, while we set up, take down at the end of the night, and answer questions throughout the day!

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