What Couples Are Saying About Hitch Studio: How a Wedding Planner Adds Value to Your Wedding Day in 100 Testimonials

Hitch Studio booked its 100th wedding this year and we’re so thrilled that we’ve helped that many couples!! We love hearing from our brides and grooms (and even mothers of the bride!), so we can’t help but share these 100 love notes and testimonials we’ve gotten from brides over the past couple of years. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding planner like Hitch Studio, just read through these words — straight from the mouths of brides themselves. We think you’ll agree: Hitch Studio will make you AND your wedding stress-free!

Do you want to read their full testimonials? Here they are:

“The Hitch Studio team took care of everything from start to finish on the day of the wedding. My family loved that Renee knew their names and made sure everyone was happy and on the same page. I was so happy that the whole wedding day was stress free and absolutely fun! I picked to work with Hitch Studio because of all the amazing recommendations I kept hearing. They truly made the process seamless and enjoyable. Hitch Studio thought of all the small details that I didn’t consider. I loved every minute of it and appreciate being able to enjoy the day with family and friends, rather than organizing. Hitch handled it all. Our wedding process was so fun, I loved being able to pick our the table setting centerpieces and invites. Renee made the process easy by providing examples and listening to what we liked. Our wedding had to be shifted around due to COVID-19 but honestly it was so easy because Renee was there to help, I didn’t worry. Working with the Hitch Studio team was the best decision we made for our wedding day.”
Mary (Hitch bride)

“I didn’t have to worry about the set up of the venue on the day of my wedding and Renee was so easy to work with. She was truly interested in my wedding and what I imaged my wedding to look like and was ready to make it become a reality. I didn’t have to worry about decorating for my wedding at all. I trusted Renee would make my dream wedding come true and she did. Everything was beautiful from the invitations to the reception.”
– Stephenie (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio was super organized, professional, and very easy to work with. We loved the style of their previous work, the design, and accessibility. Hitch Studio went above and beyond to make us happy and to have a lovely day. We had no idea on how a wedding is held in the US. I did a quick search on Google and found the Hitch Studio. We went there and met Renee. From the first meeting, we found her super nice, caring, and professional. She is extremely organized and pays a great attention to the details. She planned our wedding in a relatively short time and beautifully designed our wedding. She was a great help at the wedding day. Hitch Studio went above and beyond to make us happy and to have a smooth day. We could not have our best day without her. Highly recommend.”
Elahe (Hitch bride)

“Hitch really took charge at rehearsal and during my wedding day to make sure everything got done and everyone understood their roles! Hitch was amazing for making sure my BIG day ran smoothly. They did all the behind-the-scenes work and made sure everything was exactly how I envisioned! I highly recommend booking Hitch Studio to plan/organize your wedding day.”
Paige (Hitch bride)

“So many things were valuable, but the one that meant the most was when no one could get my veil to stay in and I was over it and my mom was sad. Well Renee to the rescue! She got it to stay (on the first try!) and my mom didn’t cry. Everyone, but especially Renee was so welcoming and comforting and she just got my vision. My mom could be a little pushy and she knew just how to handle it! Renee and her team are AMAZING! They go above and beyond for your special day! My day definitely would not of been as special without them.”
Taylor (Hitch bride)

“I wouldn’t have even considered hiring a wedding planner, but I knew Renee’s reputation and wanted to be a Hitch bride! I didn’t have to worry about any details other than arriving to my wedding. Renee and her team go above and beyond all expectations to ensure a perfect wedding day experience!”
Kalli (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio went above and beyond my expectations with helping us plan for our wedding. I was struggling to figure out centerpieces and various aspects with planning, and Renee was there with multiple options for everything. As a COVID bride, we came across multiple obstacles, and she was there making calls/finding solutions days before our wedding. She was amazing. Our wedding day went so smooth, and she was right there helping with anything I needed (even bustling my dress). She is the kindest person, and has a great group of people helping her. We will forever be grateful for our experience.”
Lyndsey (Hitch bride)

“Hitch made sure that all my vendors were there, set up, and ready to go so that I could enjoy the day! They made sure that I got exactly what I wanted and made sure that they would take care of the people who were trying to have an opinion and change stuff. Meant a lot to me. With Hitch Studio on your side, you have nothing to worry about. The team there does an amazing job at creating your ideal wedding and making sure that it happens exactly how you dreamed. They do it all from invitations, to decorating, to planning. Everything. It was definitely a stress relief as the bride.”
Danielle (Hitch bride)

“They handled all questions that came up, solved any problem that arose, and made sure I didn’t have one thing to worry about! I had worked with Renee on several events before I got engaged. I got the pleasure of seeing her amazing work and customer service first hand. She was one of the first calls I made when I got engaged. I didn’t think twice about hiring her. Booking Hitch was the best decision I made throughout my wedding planning process. Not only did Renee make my vision come to life, she made my day completely stress free! She handled every detail of that day and made sure every thing went smoothly. She was such a huge part of the process and absolutely worth every penny!”
– Kayla (Hitch bride)

“Hitch went above and beyond on our day! They did tasks that were not asked and were a calming feeling in the moment for everyone! Every detail never went unnoticed and Renee went above and beyond. I was an out-of-town bride and Renee went on meetings for me, made decisions for me, and more! I was confident in what I did because Hitch backed me up!”
Ashley (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio exceeded so many of my expectations! From having to re-plan a wedding to checking in with myself and vendors, Hitch helped make the wedding planning process go so smoothly. The week of our wedding Hitch contacted all the vendors and made sure everyone knew the schedule for our big day. Renee at Hitch checked in with me multiple times throughout the wedding planning to make sure I was okay–and that exceeded so many expectations! There were many things that stood out to me that Hitch Studio did. A couple of those things were how beautiful the decorating was at past weddings I have been to and how much stress was taken away from the bride and groom the day of the wedding. When I heard that Hitch decorated and took down the decorations at the end of the night, that interested me from the beginning! My experience with Hitch Studio was nothing short of amazing! Hitch’s expertise made our big day look like something out of a magazine! With everyone’s help at Hitch our day ran smoothly and everyone was so impressed with their hard work, creativity, and kindness. We are so grateful we chose to work with Hitch to make our wedding day one that we will cherish forever! I recommend Hitch to all of my family and friends that are getting married because I know first hand that this process is so much easier to go through with help from the experts!”
– Shelby (Hitch bride)

“Nothing could be more priceless than getting to walk away from the wedding day knowing that the clean up of everything was completely taken care of. I would recommend hitch 1000 times over. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The one thing I loved too, was the customized wedding program that was created. It was actually what I envisioned from all the crazy Pinterest ideas I saw.”
– Amanda (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio completely left me stress free on my wedding day. There were some items that I had brought for decorating and after bringing them into the venue, they took them and I didn’t have to say a word; they just made it look beautiful, exactly as I had imagined! I had had interactions with Renee in the past and she was the sweetest, most professional person. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing because of how organized she is. Hitch Studio made our wedding day absolutely stress free. After the wedding day, my husband and I talked about how glad we were that we used Hitch because we were both surprised that our wedding day didn’t have things that stressed us out. Everyone always talks about slowing down, enjoying the day because it will be over in a snap, but we didn’t feel this way. Because we didn’t have anything to worry about, we were able to focus on each other and our loved ones around us. It was absolutely the most perfect day. In addition, Hitch Studio helped us have peace of mind as we planned our wedding during a pandemic and all of the other craziness that came with 2020. Our wedding day was also very windy, but Hitch was able to make our outdoor wedding space beautiful-and nothing blew away! 🙂 I can’t say enough about the Hitch staff, they are kind, professional, and willing to do anything to make the wedding day go as smooth as possible. There may have been hiccups in the day, but they certainly didn’t let me, the bride, know about them. If you’re on the fence about booking Hitch Studio, do it, the only thing you’ll regret is not doing it.”
– Kelsie (Hitch bride)

“It’s so little, but the staff at my reception put together a dessert plate to set aside for me so I could have some the day after if I didn’t get a chance to get all I wanted at the reception. It was so thoughtful and took off the stress from me! How organized everything was! We came in and all of our options were presented in a non-overwhelming way.”
– Rachel (Hitch bride)

“Renee and the team listened to all my wishes and exceeded them. They brought my vision of our day to something even better than I imagined. My advice to other brides: buy the larger package so you can get the full experience. I loved having help with planning our wedding and should have taken advantage of what more hitch could offer me. Less stress is best! Renee is super sweet, efficient, and caring. Meeting her sold me on Hitch Studio. She is such a great listener and is very dedicated to each client. Renee and her amazing team at Hitch studio made our day better than I ever imagined. Renee is detail oriented, calm, sweet, and very good at organizing and communication. Hitch listened to our vision and our day turned out better than we both imagined up. We cannot thank Renee and her team enough for their hard and wonderful work!”
– Laura (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio thought of every single detail that I never would have thought of! Then, given the short notice change with the venue, the staff was able to decorate for the reception very quickly and it was perfection! I really enjoyed that you were located locally and familiar with services within the community.”
– Maggie (Hitch bride)

“Hitch worked so hard to make our daughter’s wedding perfect and unique. They were up on the wedding trends and were very easy to communicate with. I thought the wedding packages were very well planned out. Hitch was able to make all of our daughters wedding dreams come true! I would highly recommend Hitch Studio.”
Rhona (Hitch mother-of-the-bride)

“Hitch Studio exceeded my expectations by giving me a stress free and beautiful wedding that I have always dreamed of! They not only showed up, decorated and took the decorations down, but they were also there for support with the little things and decision making. For me, being someone who has to take charge or bring order to events, it felt so good knowing that I didn’t have to worry about those problems in general on my big day. I had all my trust in Hitch Studio, and they succeeded. Renee and her team were one of a kind! They are the people who were so genuine and treated you like you were their only client, even though you knew you weren’t their only client to work with. The way they treated me, my family and my guests, meant so much to me. They also offered the whole package deal of invites/stationery and decorating. Plus, they had the small town feel and were locally owned. I still cannot thank Renee and her team enough for everything they did on and for our wedding day! They truly are rockstars! I wish every bride had the privilege to work with Hitch Studios for their wedding and cannot recommend them enough!”
Alicia (Hitch bride)

“Hitch Studio decorated everything and made things run flawless so I didn’t have any extra stress on wedding day! Loved working with Hitch! They provided great insight and tips, offered ideas to consider, and built the classiest wedding in ties with a funny program to compliment our personalities. Using Hitch made things simple, easy, and effortless for us and our guests to have the best time at both ceremony and reception. Highly recommend!”
– Amanda (Hitch bride)

“I loved that I didn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying my day with my hubby. Something that stood out to me is the fact I had to move my wedding inside and Renee totally supported my choice but she also made sure guests from another wedding that was finishing weren’t in the background of my wedding for our pictures. I saw her work on social media and decided to book an appointment to see what a wedding planner does. I didn’t look at other wedding planners. Out of all of our vendors, Hitch Studios is the venue I would book first again and again. It was worth having my day to relax and not worrying about anything. Working with Hitch Studio was so amazing. Renee and her team gave such a sense of peace of mind for our day. I didn’t have to worry about anything the entire weekend. If I had to do it all over again, I would book Renee and her team at Hitch Studio again and again to help with our wedding. Thank you so much for making our day so special.”
– Kate (Hitch bride)

“Hitch had all the answers to my questions! They also had answers for questions I never thought of! Renee asked the right questions and completely got my vision! She took the time to get to know me personally and made sure I was a priority! You took care of everything and I got to enjoy my day stress free! You were local and when first talking with you, you connected with me! You just clicked! I knew you were the one! You were personal and ready for whatever I asked for. I can’t praise you and your team enough! I walked into our reception hall the day before and was blown away! It was exactly how I pictured it to be! ABSOLUTELY! It was so worth it! I look back and smile! I had no worries and just got to enjoy knowing everything was in very capable hands! When you picture your wedding as a little girl everything is absolutely perfect. I got my dream. Hitch not only took the time to get to know me as a person, but took what I loved and magnified it! They created more than I could have ever hoped for! My day was seamless and perfect. This was 100% Hitch. They made my dream come true!”
– Maquenzie (Hitch bride)

If reading all this has you interested in booking a meeting with Hitch Studio to talk about how we can help YOU and your wedding, contact us today!

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