You heard right. Our entire decor collection is now online for you to browse, sort, and fall in love with!

If you’d like to take a peek into all the decorations we use for wedding centerpieces, that’s the link to visit. Once you’re there, click any of the words at the top to sort by color, theme, and more. Would you like to see how we’ve used these items to make complete centerpieces? Check out each of our photo albums from real South Dakota weddings on our Facebook page.


There’s an important note about the items shown in our Decor Collection, though. These wedding decoration items are available only if you hire Hitch to set them up and take them down from your wedding and reception. (Those prices start at $1250 and you can see more about Hitch Studio’s wedding planning services here!)

Why that’s a benefit to you: Only Hitch brides get access to this inventory of decoration items. That means only YOU get to use our well-taken-care-of centerpiece items. It’s a little elite.  🙂  Also, we want you to have EVERYTHING you need to make your wedding as beautiful as it can be. That’s why we charge one low fee to use EVERYTHING in our inventory! We don’t charge per item. Or per flower. Or per candle or vase. Once you book Hitch, you’ve booked our loyalty and dedication to making your wedding amazing. Plus, it’s our pleasure to set up the centerpieces at your reception and take them down at midnight when you’re done dancing. You don’t want that stress or hassle — and neither does your mom (or half-drunk guests at the end of the evening).   😉

See some vases, wood slabs, table runners, flowers, candles, or colors you love?! Just ask about setting up an appointment with Renee to meet with us and tell us about your wedding! We love listening to all your details. It’s our favorite job ever. We can talk about the next steps to hiring a wedding stylist. (We know you may not need a full wedding planner, so that’s why we can simply style your wedding and leave the rest of the decisions and wedding coordinating to you and your fiancé! If you decide to do want help planning your wedding, we also offer services of that level.)

Step 1: Set up an appointment. Share all your wedding details with us and how we can help you decorate the ceremony aisle, wedding reception and more!

Step 2: Browse our Decor Collection online. What are your wedding colors? Sort our Decor Collection by the filter words at the top and take a look to make sure we have what you like! If we don’t quite have everything, we can rent, build, make, sew, create, or find whatever you want!

Step 3: Request your wedding planning worksheets to get a head-start on this process. We can go through the worksheets together, but you can see pricing, services and more to fit your wedding day needs. On those wedding planning worksheets, you’ll see three service level options that you can book Hitch for:


  1. Level 1 (Wedding Stylist): Hitch Studio will set up and take down your centerpiece decorations at the reception (including head table, and more if you’d like!)
  2. Level 2 (Wedding Stylist +): Hitch will also include a “centerpiece showcase” and photos of your wedding decorations along with everything in Level 1. A centerpiece showcase is a one-on-one appointment where I set up 10-12 centerpieces that I think you’ll love. Bring your girls, mom, mother of the groom, groom (whoever!) and see everything in person. You get to mix and match, and make sure you love everything as we choose 3-5 centerpiece options for your tables! (You’ll want some nice height and price differences in your centerpieces to keep the room interesting and dynamic.) Also included in this level is a photo gallery of images we took of your empty room. We want you to have those Pinterest-worthy photos of your wedding reception (your cake! your centerpieces! your head table! your candy buffet! your cupcake tower! your “In-Memory” table!)
  3. Level 3 (Wedding Planner): This level includes everything from levels 1 and 2, but we truly are your wedding coordinator in this level. We coordinate the timing of your wedding vendors, call them, check in, we’re there with you as your bridal party walks down the aisle, we make sure your flower girl isn’t crying,  🙂  we refill your dessert bar, we make sure your gifts and cards get locked somewhere secure, we make you a schedule and timeline for your day, we map out the venue so we know where everything is to be placed. We’re basically a cloned version of you. We can answer any questions that people may have so they don’t bother you or stress you out during the best day of your life!

Want to see how we’ve used the pieces from our Decor Collection? Take a look at these blogs (also sorted by color for your convenience).  🙂






There you go. All of that information from a Decor Collection link! Haha. You should be set. And if you need more explanation or have other questions, just give us a call! Oh! And we design wedding invitations, programs and save the dates. But that’s for another blog.  🙂

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