No one wakes up the day of their wedding thinking “I hope I have a crisis today!” As a bride, you want the day to be picture perfect and full of love. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go that way. I’m here to tell you my wedding day disaster and how to move forward when fiascos come your way.

September 23rd, 2018 was supposed to be the BEST. DAY. EVER! I was full of anticipation, excitement, and worry that something had gone unplanned. I woke up that morning and everything was going smoothly. My hair was ready, my makeup on, my dress fit like a glove and I was ready to step out for “first look” photos and then on to happily ever after! That’s when it happened. My photographer came around the corner in tears looking as if she was going to cancel the whole day. My heart dropped when she told me she had gotten into a car accident and wouldn’t be able to make it to photos for awhile.

My head started spinning a million miles a minute. Did that mean no photos at all? Were we going to have to push the wedding back a couple hours to wait for my photographer? If so, did that mean I needed to contact the rest of my vendors and guests to tell them of new arrangements? WHAT IS GOING ON??

Stay Calm and Move On

I work at Hitch Studio part time (which is why I’m sharing this blog with you) but I’m also a project manager by trade, so problem solving is a part of my job, but never did I think I would have to deal with a crisis on my wedding day! Regardless, something needed to happen because we were on a tight timeline. Thankfully, my photographer had a second shooter. She had organized for the second shooter to become the primary photographer for an hour while she was dealing with insurance and reporting the accident.

I was so worried that our day and photos would be ruined, but when I arrived at the venue and got to see the look in my husband’s eyes when he saw me for the first time… I couldn’t have cared less about the accident.

My advice? Don’t sweat the little stuff, don’t even sweat the stuff that seems big! In the end, your day is what you make it and my day (and photos) still turned out to be wonderful.

Surround Yourself with the Best People

While I was all out of whack trying to decide what needed to happen because of my photographer’s setback, I had some amazing people helping me push through it. My personal attendant stepped in as a second shooter and chauffeur during photos. My maid of honor kept all of the bridesmaids on pace and ready next events. Even my videographer helped keep all parties in line!

Choosing the right people for your bridal party is a tough decision. While they are usually the most important people in your life, they are also the ones that will step up when problems arise. It’s important that you trust the your bridal party to help you along on your wedding day journey!

Have Hitch Help

One of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking I could do the big wedding I wanted, all by myself. Man, do I want to go back and kick myself for thinking that way! Instead of begging friends and family for help, consider Hitch Studio for your big day! The wedding planners at Hitch are industry experts who know how to help make your wedding dreams a reality! They also know how to tackle the big (and small) problems that can up, leaving you to focus on the important things.. Like getting married!

In the end, my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. Even with other incident that occured (my dress ripping, the DJ calling me the wrong name during our first dance, etc.). Just remember to stay calm, rely on the best people around you, and focus on marrying the love of your life!

Written by: Lyndsey Anderson

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