How to Have an Amazing Grand Exit from Your Wedding Ceremony

Ever wondered how to make your grand exit from the ceremony a little bit more exciting and organized? The Hitch Studio team can help coordinate it and make it run smoothly. We will gather your photographer, your guests, and hand out all the materials! Depending on the venue, you could choose dried lavender, flower petals, confetti, bubbles, or sparklers. Maybe you have something a little more personal to you and your fiancé – like kernels of corn from your family farm, or colored pom-poms of the school where you two met.

Here’s how it works: First, be sure to check with your ceremony venue on what’s allowed to be thrown (some don’t allow anything but real flower petals, some don’t allow rice, some don’t allow bubbles, etc.). Then the fun begins! You or your Hitch wedding planner will order and/or package your choice of exit items (confetti, dried flowers, sparklers, etc.). After your ceremony, the Hitch team will hand out the items to each of your guests. Next, Hitch staff will line up your guests to make a “tunnel” for you (the newlyweds) to walk through. We will also help the photographer set up at the end of the tunnel to get the perfect shot. When it comes time for the grand exit from the bride and groom, the Hitch team will give you a signal to go ahead and walk through, while your guests toss confetti or blow bubbles around you and the photographer captures the memorable moment. Simple, fun, and organized! We even had one couple release balloons after their ceremony!

Does your venue require someone to clean up the mess afterwards? The Hitch team will grab brooms and rags. Go be married!!!

Lavender packets
Photo from Erica Lynn Photography
Photo from Erica Lynn Photography
Photo from Erica Lynn Photography
Snow confetti at this winter wedding
Lavender confetti

For this specific wedding at the Swiftel Center in mid-February 2022, Hitch coordinated a lavender toss per the couple’s request. They ordered custom lavender packets for each guest. Hitch provided a basket to place them in so they could be displayed on the guest book table before the ceremony. After the ceremony, five Hitch employees worked together to hand out the lavender and help guide the guests in the lobby to form a tunnel. Two girls handed out the lavender, two girls were at the glass doors to open them when the couple ran out, and one queued the couple when to run through. The Hitch Studio staff also gave instructions to the guests on how the exit was going to play out. Once everyone was in position, the photographer was set up, and the bride & groom were ready to go, we gave the couple a signal to run out and into the tunnel! As they made their way through, we had the couple stop for a kiss and a photo while the lavender was still flying. So cute!! The couple then made their way out the doors and into a firetruck parked in front of the Swiftel Center to take them downtown before the reception started. They chose a firetruck because of the groom’s strong dedication to the Brookings Fire Department. They also incorporated red flowers into their ceremony decor and centerpieces as another special way to honor his commitment.

            The day was filled with many unique touches that were special to the couple. Nick, the groom, included his two daughters in the precessional. They also made sure to incorporate family from Canada and the East Coast by live-streaming the ceremony for them. The couple found so many ways to add personal touches to their wedding and Hitch is here to assist with all those ideas to make your wedding unique to you. We truly enjoyed this day and making their visions come to life.

Contact Hitch Studio today if you’d like us to coordinate the grand exit from your ceremony! We have lots of ideas and will make sure it fits into your wedding day timeline perfectly. (Need help with the timeline of your wedding? Here’s a resource for you!)

Written by Adyn Heinricy, Hitch Studio

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