Japanese Cherry Blossom Wedding Planning and Wedding Invitations, Sioux Falls, SD

John & Anna are one of the greatest couples I’ve ever met. They met in school, then parted ways and started down individual paths, and then eventually…their paths crossed in life once again. And on June 30, 2012, they were married! Anna’s mother is 100% Japanese and passed away before the wedding. So, with Japanese influences, cherry blossoms, a mother’s memory, and lots of love, they had the most beautiful wedding ceremony in the Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (How appropriate.)

Hitch Design Studio had the honor of decorating for their wedding ceremony, reception and designed their invitations. They chose a shimmery silver pocket for their wedding invites, with insert cards full of information for traveling guests. Their ceremony was held in a city park in Sioux Falls where you have to reserve a time. The wedding happening before theirs ran long, which delayed the set-up of John & Anna’s wedding! There’s not much you can do when someone else’s wedding runs long because it’s their special day too, so we patiently waited for that wedding to conclude. I could see the look of worry starting to show in Anna’s eyes, so I suggested they start taking some wedding day photos in other parts of the garden park. As the other wedding concluded, Hitch’s team swooped in, rearranged the seating, set up a table for their unity sand ceremony, hung blush pink fabric and cherry blossom flowers from the altar and had it all looking perfect before they got back! The look on Anna’s face was priceless — glowing with relief and happiness. We transported all the flowers and decorations from the Japanese Gardens to the reception and lit all the candles on the dinner tables before anyone arrived. Both the ceremony and reception were absolutely perfect, heart-touching and exactly what they’d hoped for, which is our number one goal!

Anna told me time and time again how much it meant to her (and her stress level) to have Hitch be a part of her wedding day to take care of everything. Her thankful words (and the words of others) are the reason we love doing what we do.

Much love and best wishes, John & Anna, as you approach your two-year anniversary!

Looking to have a heartfelt cherry blossom wedding contact us today and look at our Cherry Blossom Wedding board on Pinterest!

By Renee Halgerson, Owner/Designer, Hitch Design Studio

p.s. Thank you to Push Play Photography for the beautiful photos!

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