Narrowing Down Your Wedding Style

When it comes to narrowing down your wedding style and colors, the task may seem daunting – but there are so many great tools and free resources to help you achieve the perfect style and color pallete that suits you!

Read on to find helpful tips from our certified wedding planners and stylists that could help get that mood board started! These are simply suggestions, and to be interpreted according to what fits you and your fiance the best. Hitch Studio is here to inspire!

Here is a list of 10 questions you should ask yourself when narrowing down a wedding style that you love:

1. In what season is your wedding?

  • Spring is full of blooming flowers, mild temperatures, brighter days, and soft hues of spring colors like sage green, light blue, blush, lavender, and other pastels. Take advantage of the outdoor venues during this time of the year while the weather is mild! Lighter fabrics, like cheesecloth or chiffon, are also a fun feature in weddings during this time of year.
  • Summer is full of bright, vibrant colors and long days of sunshine. Beaches, rooftops, and gardens are a fun option for your wedding. Maybe indoors with air conditioning and cold drinks is more your style! Either way, summer has the most blank-slate feeling when choosing wedding colors. They all enhance the bright beauty of what is going on outside!
  • Autumn is full of rich, warm tones and cooler evenings. Incorporating the colors outdoors is easier this time of year, depending on your venue. Orchards, barns, and forests are great atmospheres to highlight the beauty of the season you’re in!
  • Winter invites elegant and sophisticated palletes and styles. You can totally have a winter wonderland without it feeling too much like the holidays. However, we do love the mix of the bright holiday cranberry reds and winter greens. It evokes feelings of home and happiness in guests that no other theme can really capture. Check out this Christmas winter wedding!

2. Are you getting married indoors or outside?

  • Here is a PSA to all of our outdoor couples; remember to pick decorations that with withstand the weather! We are mostly talking about wind. Light-weight fabric runners, small bud vases, tall centerpieces, or loose florals may not be the best route to go for those outdoor weddings. We know it will be sunny and seventy-five degrees on your day, but just in case, go with a heavier centerpiece. This may mean keeping low-profile, larger centerpieces. We also know that being outdoors means having lots of beautiful scenery! Whether you choose to have your decor blend seamlessly into the surroundings or have the colors pop, keep in mind what the backdrop will be of the reception.

3. What is the style of your wedding venue?

  • Maybe you dreamed of getting married on a rustic farm, in a barn close to home, where your relatives are near by. It feels like home, and totally captures you and your fiance’s lifestyle. WONDERFUL! You may want to choose decor and colors that enhance the atmosphere, like lots of wood, rustic features, prairie grasses and flowers, and simple decor to really tie the entire look together.
  • Maybe you found the perfect venue in the middle of the city with high ceilings, lots of windows, chandeliers, and modern chairs. The style you are looking for may be more modern, luxurious, romantic, with muted colors, or even color-less! The goal is not to blend the wedding style into the venue, but to enhance it’s already beautiful features. See some photos below of this very intentional style!

4. What are style and colors that are trending right now or even predicted for the next year?

5. What feelings do you want to evoke at your wedding?

  • Do you want to evoke feelings of fun, excitement, cheer? Let’s choose colors that give off that same energy! Bright blues, pinks, yellows, and oranges are all super fun, enjoyable, and exciting to look at on the wedding day! Maybe you want your guests to feel a little more calm and peaceful while they find their seat at your ceremony, or wander through the reception to grab a treat. Softer tones, or even neutral colors will evoke this feeling for your family and friends. Dim lighting with tons of candles can also be a main statement piece in your decor! Elimination of most color is not out of the question, either. Sticking to whites and creams is timeless and romantic, and always a safe choice!

6. What colors look great with your complexion?

  • Your wedding party, flowers, and decor will be in lots of photos next to you and around you, so keep that in mind while looking for wedding colors! Doing a color analysis could be so beneficial before your wedding to give you a good idea of your most flattering tones. What a fun idea for a bridal shower or an afternoon bachelorette party activity! You could get everyone involved with something like this!

7. What are the colors of your home?

  • This may seem like an odd question, but let us explain. You may be reusing items from your wedding (ring boxes, unity ceremony candles or sand, preserved flower, signage, your guest book, etc.) and displaying them in your home! This may be something you want to consider when choosing your wedding style. Of course, even if the items at your wedding don’t match the decoration throughout your home, they will still give you the same sentimental feelings for years to come.

8. What does your dress look like?

  • Is it full of sparkles and more modern/luxurious, or full of lace and more boho/rustic/simply elegant? This is not the most important question to ask, but it may help you determine what style you are drawn toward more… Luxurious or simple. Sometimes even the smallest details speak to you!

9. What do your closest, most trusted, friends and relatives have in mind of your top style picks?

  • Sometimes involving family and friends causes more indecision, but choosing one or two of your most trusted loved ones can help you gather ideas faster and relieve some of the stress of this important part of the planning process. Your wedding party, siblings, parents, and fiance are all here to support and guide you. See what they think about your ideas, and be open minded to their recommendations, too! We are all on your side!

10. What are your favorite colors and/or style?

Maybe the answer is just as easy as this question! What makes you happiest? What colors pop out to you when you pick your outfits in the morning or shop for jewelry? Maybe it’s the color of your bag that you carry everyday that you love the most, or that pair of shoes you wear all the time. Take a look around at what you are drawn to most and design your wedding day after that! There are no rules – just feelings. Go with what you feel!

Trust your intuition. Make the style your own. You are the one with the photos and memories at the end of the day!

There are no set rules. For example, no one will tell you that bright yellow isn’t allowed for your winter wedding, or your bridesmaids all have to wear the same colored dress. Make your wedding style align to YOU. Just because you pick a trending theme does not mean you’re day will be just like everyone else’s. If it it special to you, and you know you will love it – DO IT!

We are full supporters of all colors, style, needs, and unique touches. Your style should be meaningful and intentional to you and your fiance. Everyone else will have the best time, too, even if the blue table runners aren’t their favorite color. The dance will be just as exciting and the desserts will be just as sweet.

Here are FREE resources for you as you decide on your style/colors!

  • Pinterest – this one is pretty obvious. Even the planners at Hitch are regular Pinterest users when it comes to new ideas, styling wedding shoots, and checking out trends for decoration inventory upgrades! Click here to follow Hitch Studio on Pinterest! We already have galleries for you to check out.
  • Hitch Studio’s Facebook and Instagram pages are full of content of past weddings and styled shoots we have done. Get some free screenshots from us and start putting your mood board together!
  • Hitch Studio’s Decor Collection is a free resource, and it let’s you know what we actually offer for FREE to any couple who books our wedding decorating package.
  • Local rental companies such as Ideal Tent & Event Rentals, Party Depot, ABC Rentals, and Prairie Lane Vintage Rentals are all full of great online decor inventories that can maybe help you decide on not only the style you love, but what to budget for as well!
  • The Knot and Wedding Wire are two online softwares that can also help you put together colors and styles. Check them out!

If you still are having a tough time narrowing down your perfect and timeless style, contact the team of stylists at Hitch Studio! We have a whole inventory full of decorations that meet all needs, and can show you examples of styles in person. Email us at or call us at 605-592-9072!

We are here to help and inspire!

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