Perks of Hiring a Wedding Planner: What Sets Hitch Studio Apart

It’s always been said that your wedding day is the best day of your entire life. Ever since you were a little girl, you have looked forward to the white dress, tiered cake, sparkly diamond on your hand, and your prince charming sweeping you away. As you get older the dream may change from the classic fairytale wedding design to a romantic event with an elegant gown, a delicate bouquet of flowers, delicious meal shared with your much-loved guests, and the one you love most. No matter what your dream wedding may be, it should be just that…a dream. There are so many factors that go into your perfect day, but the one factor that no bride deserves is stress. Your big day should be nothing but bliss. That’s what we seek to do at Hitch. We think about all the little things and take care of all of your stresses so that you can focus on the most important thing…you.

10 Things Hitch Can Do for You

1. Personal Meetings. We love to meet with you and get to know you. We want to know exactly what your dream wedding day is. From the first appointment to the big day itself, we are here for you because you deserve it. Your opinion as a bride matters most and we are here to listen to all of your ideas and even look through your Pinterest boards. Can’t meet? Let’s Zoom. One special part of the personal meetings we offer is your centerpiece showcase. When you book a 2 Carat Level or higher, you get a special meeting to choose your centerpieces! We set out 10-20 centerpieces in YOUR colors and YOUR style and you get to choose what goes on every reception table, guest book table, head table, cake table, the ceremony…everything!

2. Organize. Help you organize your day by being with you every step of the way. We meet a minimum of five times throughout your engagement. Our team can be there decorating your reception the day before or morning of your wedding and we can stay until after the last song plays on the dance floor. It does not just have to be the preparations for the day, but also the day itself. On your day we make sure everything moves fluently so that you don’t have to. Another huge piece of FREE organization you receive when you work with Hitch Studio? The Wedding Day Designer! (Our 148-page planner and checklist guide).

3. Connections. At Hitch we have many different connections with wedding vendors that we can recommend with you. From flowers to food, we got you covered. It’s our job to send you FREE vendor recommendations. Just reach out!

4. Decorate. This is usually the biggest concern that brides and families have. They want their ceremonies and receptions to look just as beautiful as they do. We custom design each wedding with what you have in mind. This includes free use of all of our décor which are pictured all on the website. We can be there to set it up early in the morning and take it down late into the night, so your friends and family can truly enjoy and be guests on your day.

5. Schedule. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to something for forever, then getting to that day and realizing how unprepared you were, especially on your wedding day. Hitch is here to help you stay on track with our monthly schedule and checklist to keep you up to date on all things wedding planning. We also help keep your wedding day on track with all vendors and make sure our timeline aligns with your photographer’s and videographer’s expecatations.

6. Support. We are here for you. At the end of the day the bride matters to us most. Family and friends in attendance are important too, but it is YOUR day. It is the one YOU have been waiting for, and we want it to be perfect because YOU are the priority. Have you seen our video about “Why Hitch Studio is the Perfect Fit for You and Your Wedding Day.”

7. All the little things. Pinning on boutonnieres, setting out your cheesecake desserts at the perfect moment, making sure the candles are all on, keeping you on your wedding day timeline, making sure your flower girl and ring bearer make it down the aisle, and ensuring your venue is set up correctly are just a few of the things we do.

8. Stationery. Part of the stress of planning a wedding is the invitations, save the dates, and programs. (You get a 10% discount from Hitch Studio if you chose us as your wedding planner). It is already stressful enough to narrow down a guest list, so at Hitch we have every possible resource to make beautiful invitations to give to all of the people you want to be a part of your big day. Hitch can design it all: invites, programs, menus, table numbers, name cards, welcome signs, and more.

9. Expert opinion. Let’s just say we know a thing or two about wedding planning. We have worked with all different kinds of brides and their dream designs since 2014. We know every bride is unique, but we treat you all the same: like you are the boss. We know how to get stains out of dresses, how to politely approach a subject, and we have a great eye for design.

10. Stress Relief. We are here for you, to be of use for you. And we love to do it — making your day stress free. Anyone getting married deserves her absolute dream and nothing less, including no stress. Hitch would love to be a part of your planning for your big day. Take a look at these photos from an ink blue styled shoot we did!


Photography by Jessica Brees Photography

Flowers by Hand Tied Floral

Stationery by Hitch Studio

Wedding Styling by Hitch Studio

Models and dresses by Shania Knutson

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