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Many of you are in the midst of planning your wedding or may just be starting if you recently got engaged during the holiday season. Either way, this is the blog for you! Four past Hitch brides, have answered questions about their recent weddings; favorite memories, moments of stress, who helped in the planning, where the got inspired and more. We hope you find this fun, helpful or maybe relatable in your own planning!

Past brides answer 10 questions about their own weddings

1. When was your wedding?

May 20, 2023
Hallie & Kevin
Love, Hope Portrait
June 10, 2023
Lindsay & August
Erica Lynn Photography
June 17, 2023
Marissa & Dalton
Erica Lynn Photography
September 2, 2023
Amber & Gary
Paisley Tree Photography

2. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

“Our favorite memory is the fun we had with friends and family through the whole day and night. We were told many times how beautiful the decor was which was also one the best memories – the ease and stress-free process of the decor choices, set up, and design!” – Hallie

“My favorite memory was our first look. We both were so anxious and excited to get to see each other and it was so special. We also loved getting to look out from our head table and see all our closest family and friends in one room, that was such a special feeling.” – Lindsay

There are so many great moments it’s hard to pick one! One of my favorites would be our ceremony. From walking down, the aisle and finally soaking it all in to saying, “I do”. It’s something we have been looking forward to what felt like forever.” – Marissa 

“One of many of favorite memories from my wedding day was at our reception, there was another wedding reception next door. Our dance floor was full the entire night. We actually had the bride from the other wedding come find my husband and I and ask if they could join our dance floor – we didn’t mind! They eventually took the wall down between the two receptions and the entire other reception came over to ours. We then had a dance off between myself, husband and our parents against the other bride, groom and parents. The DJ said in his 26 years of doing this, he has never had that happen! It was a memory I will never forget! ” – Amber

3. Where did you find most of your wedding inspiration?

“I would say Pinterest was a big spot from inspiration, but also from the Hitch website as well.” – Hallie

“Most of our wedding inspiration came from Pinterest, but we also took a ton of inspo from other weddings we had been to or other weddings we saw from vendors posting on social media.” – Lindsay

 I found most of the inspo from Pinterest or ideas I had seen at other previous weddings.” – Marissa 

 “I actually found most of my wedding inspiration on Pinterest.” – Amber

4. In what ways did your spouse contribute to the planning?

“Kevin didn’t have too much input in the whole realm of planning. He just wanted to be sure I loved everything! But the cake tasting, he was heavily involved in that!!” – Hallie

My husband let me take the lead on pretty much all the planning, but he was still very supportive throughout the process. He selected our food menu and made the decisions regarding the bar for the reception. He was also very helpful with communicating with the wedding party on schedules, tuxes, and other responsibilities of the wedding party.” – Lindsay

Dalton went to all our planning meetings with vendors and if it’s something he really cared about he would give his opinion… especially with food choices. :)” – Marissa

My husband contributed with helping to find most all of our vendors, including our venue. All the little stuff he didn’t care to be involved in. He’s pretty easy going.” – Amber  

5. Who was your most reliable help throughout the planning process?

“Natalie was the most reliable help through the whole process. Any question or concern I had, I would message her, and she would reply fast relieving me of my worries. And when I said any question…I mean ANY question. Natalie made my Mother and I so calm throughout the whole process that we knew we made the right choice choosing Hitch to help make the day perfect. She even went as far as touring the venue without us and meeting with the venue coordinator to make sure everything would be just right.” – Hallie

“Natalie, with Hitch. She was our go-to girl for all things wedding planning. She was so helpful to us and always answered our questions and gave us any advice/guidance that we needed. We had total trust in Natalie when it came to handling the ins and outs of our wedding day and she made the planning process so seamless and stress-free for us. My older sister also got married the year before us, so she was super helpful when it came to “do’s and don’ts”.” – Lindsay

“Dalton, my mom, and Hitch Studio were all super helpful and reliable!” – Marissa 

“My most reliable help throughout the whole planning was definitely Natalie. If I had any questions, she was my go to person for everything!” – Amber 

6. How did your guests RSVP and would you recommend this?

“Our guests RSVP’d through our website where we left a QR code on the back of our invitation. I would definitely recommend this as everyone had a phone and can access the website and RSVP.” – Hallie 

“We utilized The Knot website for RSVP’s. It was super easy to use and saved us so much time and money on postage.” – Lindsay

“We used a website for RSVPs. We thought it worked great and we saved money on postage as we didn’t have people mail back an RSVP. It was also nice to see a quick breakdown of who was and wasn’t attending or who we were still waiting to hear from.” – Marissa

We had our guests RSVP using a QR code and was actually a great decision that we made. I wouldn’t have changed that; it was convenient for sure.” – Amber

7. What was the most stressful part of wedding planning?

“There weren’t many stressful things about planning because Natalie truly made everything effortless for us. Of course, trying to please family, worrying about the timing of everything, and trying to be sure everyone was having a good time we’re things we worried about. We also had a little bit of a different set up where we transferred our ballroom from small to large between the ceremony and reception, so worrying about that was stressful. But again, the whole Hitch team made sure everything would be seamless.” – Hallie 

“The most stressful part for us was determining final numbers for food and desserts. We didn’t want to overshoot and spend more than necessary, but also wanted to be sure we had enough for everyone if our final number was a bit off. It was also a little bit stressful in the beginning trying to book all of our vendors with our date, get contracts signed, and deposits down, but once we got through that initial chaos, it was smooth from there.” – Lindsay

“The most stressful part of wedding planning for me was the initial decisions like our colors, where to have the wedding, etc. Once we had all that picked out it was pretty easy going forward!” – Marissa

The most stressful part of wedding planning was finalizing our guest list, as our venue could only hold so many.” – Amber  

8. What was most shocking to you during wedding planning?

“The most shocking part was that every time we met with Natalie, she would ask us a crucial detail that we hadn’t even thought about. So many small things go into it to make it everything that you want, and Natalie made sure to cover EVERYTHING. She is the best.” – Hallie  

Most would probably say the costs, but we felt that everything we paid for was very reasonable. Most vendors have their packages/pricing on their website or can provide you with that upon request to give you an idea of what the costs will be. We basically made a list when doing our budget of what our highest priorities were and what we were okay with investing the most in. For us, this was our photographer and videographer. This is all you get to take with you from the day, so it’s important to invest in vendors that you trust will give you the highest quality work from your day. We were okay with paying more for these services and having a lower budget for things like desserts, or other things that weren’t as high of a priority for us.” – Lindsay

Prices seemed to be the biggest shock. You don’t realize how expensive weddings can be until you’re actually going through it!” – Marissa Prices seemed to be the biggest shock. You don’t realize how expensive weddings can be until you’re actually going through it!” – Marissa

The most shocking part of wedding planning was getting all the “in between stuff” finalized. Finding a venue and all our vendors was actually easy compared to all the other details that went along with them. I never realized all of the details that was actually in wedding planning.” – Amber

9. In what ways did Hitch Studio help the most during your planning or on your wedding day?

“Hitch helped with literally everything. Leading up the wedding, we would meet with Natalie to cross more things off the list. The day before they set everything up and after the reception took every beautiful piece of decor down. I mentioned the flip of the room which they did effortlessly. The day would not have been as beautiful and magical without them.” – Hallie  

“The biggest thing for us was the decorating of our venue. This was something that neither of us were super particular about, so it was great to have Hitch take the lead on this and take our inspo and bring it to life. They have such a creative team and a great selection of décor to pick from, so it made the decorating process super simple for us. It was also very helpful to have Natalie manage our wedding day coordination. She helped make the day go smoothly and left us with no worries so that we could enjoy our day.” – Lindsay

The decorating was the biggest help for us. We would’ve spent so much time buying things, setting up, and taking down. It was seamless and stress free with Hitch’s help!” – Marissa

We were so thankful we had Natalie from Hitch with us our entire wedding day. When our flowers were delivered, she instantly knew we didn’t have them all and was instantly on the phone. She helped get people to where they needed to be. And she was an absolute rock star with making sure I was ok and helping me when I need it. Thank you, Natalie! There is absolutely no way I would have had the best wedding day experience if you weren’t there!” – Amber 

10. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to another bride?

“The biggest piece of advice I would give to a bride is to do whatever makes you happy. Whatever your vision is, follow that and do what you need to do to make it happen. It can be stressful to make sure that you are being a great entertainer, but at the end of the day, it is about you and your spouse, so remember that! It is only one day/night so enjoy every second!”

– Hallie Fitzgerald // May 20, 2023 bride

Photo credit // Love, Hope Portrait

“My biggest recommendation is to book your wedding with Hitch Studio. We cannot say enough great things about their team and how helpful they were to us. Our wedding planning process seemed like a breeze, and we had very minimal stress throughout the entire process thanks to our planner, Natalie. It was so nice to be able to truly soak up our day and just enjoy it without having to worry about any of the scheduling or coordinating, as well as the decorating and setting up. This was really important to us, so Hitch was the first vendor we booked! I would also recommend doing your best to not sweat the small stuff. The day goes by so quickly, so it’s so important to be present and soak up every minute you can with your spouse. Lastly, have an idea of which vendors you want to use ahead of time. We found that vendors book up super quickly and much further out than you would think, so we had all of our vendors booked within a week of being engaged.”

– Lindsay Reihs // June 10, 2023 bride

Photo credit // Erica Lynn Photography

“Don’t worry too much about pleasing others or what other people will think of something. As long as you and your groom like it and are happy with things, that’s all that matters!”

– Marissa  Heintz // June, 17, 2023 bride

Photo credit // Erica Lynn Photography

“The biggest advice I could give is enjoy every minute of your wedding day, don’t rush it because it is going to be done in a blink of an eye.” – Amber

Amber Battista // September 2, 2023 bride

Photo credit // Paisley Tree Photography

We hope you can take away a few pieces of advice from these brides – they’ve already been through it and have great knowledge to pass along. We LOVED working with each of them and they hold a special place in our hearts.
We would love to work with you as well! Reach out today if you’d like us to lesson the stress and help with the big and small details.

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