For couples, their wedding is the most special day shared with their family, relatives, and friends — from the ceremony, reception and even until the after-party. Excellent wedding planning spells the difference between a fun and a flat wedding. Having a great wedding coordinator can hire entertainment that will keep your guests up on their feet and celebrating! (For example, from the welcoming drinks at the reception, to the great choice of music, and the entertainment by the buffet, superb wedding entertainment from a company like Evengo can make your guests feel special and have an experience that they will never forget!) Whether it’s fireworks and sparklers, a great DJ, a live artist, or more, Hitch Studio can help you find the perfect way to make your wedding unforgettable.

Consider any of these entertainment ideas at your wedding to make it memorable:

Cocktail Bar:
Who doesn’t love having cocktails at a party? A concoction of the best cocktails or the couple’s favorites can spice up the festive mood.

Photo Booth:
Your guest get to make memories that last a lifetime at your wedding. Plus, they get to take home a film strip, a magnet, or photos sent via text message. Your guests can take a snap of themselves having fun and keep them as a remembrance of your special day.

Sparklers and Fireworks:
Hitch Studio can help coordinate this and order the exact sparklers you’ll want. You don’t want the smoky ones that only last a minute. We’ll make sure you have the BEST sparklers that get you amazing Pinterest-worthy photos. Even fireworks are a great light show to cap off a grand wedding ceremony and reception! Either option adds a dramatic effect to the wedding photos and videos.

A Great DJ:
Good music can create a sweet, happy vibe throughout the celebration. Having a great DJ who knows the couple’s taste in music very well will surely make your guests entertained. Hitch has an entire list we can recommend to you so your DJ fits your personality.

Fun Trivia and Quizzes:
I did this at my wedding! We laid a dinner menu at every guest’s place setting on top of the chargers. On the back side of our menu and schedule for the night were trivia questions about Jon and I! Special details like that can add fun and keep your guests entertained while they wait for dinner. It also serves as a conversation starter! ent can pull off.

Same-Day Edit Videos (SDE):
SDEs are snapshots of the wedding entourage and guests taken during the big day. These candid behind-the-scenes adventures will surely bring tears, bursts of laughter, and cheers from the crowd. Plus, how often do you get to see photos and videos of the ceremony that just happened?!

Dessert Bar:
For everyone with a sweet tooth, a meal isn’t complete without a dessert. Cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, mini-anything, or even a whole variety of treats can make your dessert bar really fun! Tip: Plan on 2.5 per person when ordering mini desserts.

Entourage Dance:
A choreographed dance from the newly-weds and members of the entourage as they are introduced into the reception will surely make the guests pumped for the rest of the night.

A party ‘uniform’:
A quirky item that everyone gets to wear throughout the party like sunglasses, hats, glowsticks, or leis will add an oomph to your wedding party, plus it makes a great prop for photobooth snaps!

Surprise Show:
Whether it is the bride’s favorite artist, or the groom’s ideal lead band vocals, a surprise guest artist can make your wedding night one people will be talking about forever! Be sure to have a wedding hashtag because a surprise like that will have people posting to social media for sure.

Advice cards:
Ask each guest to write their best piece of marriage advice on cards placed on each table so that the couple has these to look back on during each anniversary.

Film your big day:
As an alternative to videographers, guests will be asked to take videos and photos from the wedding and it would eventually be compiled to create a DIY wedding video.

Food carts:
Having food trucks/carts that offer bite-sized goodies like burgers, hotdogs, popcorn, ice cream, and fries will make the event more enticing and memorable at the same time. Plus, everyone knows the way to a guest’s heart is through amazing food.

Live Band:
Whether it’s rock, jazz, pop, or country, nothing beats the experience of music being played right in front of your very eyes. We hired a band for my wedding and loved it! (There was no chicken dance or YMCA at my wedding.)

Photo by Erica Lynn Photography

Board Games and Yard Games:
This one’s for the guests who love challenges and competitions. Consider bean bags, bocci ball, even life-size Jenga and yard Yahtzee to keep guests of all ages enjoying the outdoors and time between social hour and dinner.

Make it pet-friendly:
This perfectly works if you are a fur parent and would love to invite furry guests over to join the party! Remember, even if you’re only having your pets at the wedding, be sure to put someone in charge of letting them out, getting them home, and clean-up duty.  

Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography

Father/daughter and mother/son dances:
These traditional dances never leave this list. It’s a nice way to honor your parents and might even put the guests in tears.

Dance-off or Sing-off:
A dance-off between the male and female members of the wedding party will surely get everyone excited and fill the venue with laughter.

Polaroid photos:
As a guest book idea, you could have someone take photos of each wedding guest/couple/family using polaroid cameras and have them write their dedication on the film strips. Pin the images on a wall or tape them in your guest book for a keepsake of your wedding day.

Are you wanting more ideas?! Local beer from a brewery, caricatures, live entertainment? Whatever you want, Hitch Studio can try to make it happen for you. We want your wedding day to be a reflection of the two of YOU. Contact us today if you’d like us to coordinate some special entertainment for your wedding day!

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