This is me. In front of the band we hired — GoodRoad Band. I’m clearly enjoying myself. 🙂
Photo by Erica Lynn Photography

Are you just starting your wedding planning process and asking yourself, “Should I hire a DJ or a band?”. If the answer was “DJ” because the thought of hiring a band overwhelms you, Hitch Studio is here to help! We have advice on how to go about booking a band, what will happen during your special day, and some extra tips and inspiration!

What you need to know

  • Stage & Location – This is probably the most important part! Contact your venue and make sure they have an available space for a stage or an area for your band to perform in your reception area. Make sure it can accommodate the whole band (How many people? How much equipment? Is it a safe space?). After figuring out the location contact your band and let them know what kind of space it is. Sending them pictures, if possible, would help them out even more. Will you need to rent staging? Hitch can help with all of it.
  • Generator/Power Needs – Knowing the specific power and voltage requirements will also be helpful in preparing for your band. Having these details sorted out and prepared before your wedding day will relieve stress and make the whole process go smoother!
  • Private ‘Green’ Room – If you are unsure of what a green room is, it is a private room where the band can relax and go when they are not performing. Asking your band what is expected from you is important so you can prepare for everything they ask for! Most bands ask for 15-30 minute breaks every 1-2 hours of playing time, so be accommodating and have a green room ready.
  • Food & Drinks – Make sure the band you hire is given food and drinks! Put it in their green room! You may also wonder if you should give your band alcoholic drinks if they ask, which is completely up to what you think is appropriate and what their contract says.
  • Time to set up – Allotting the correct amount of time for the band to set up is key. The last thing you want is for them to be setting up late and not having enough time. If you are unsure of how much time the band needs, communicate with them! For more tips on scheduling your whole day read this! Ask the venue when is the best time they can be hauling in large equipment and instruments to set up. Again, Hitch Studio is happy to coordinate all this!
  • Unpacking/Packing up – Keep in mind the heavy equipment the band must bring into the reception area. Make sure a ramp, elevator, etc. is available if needed and directions are given to the band on where to enter the reception area.
  • Give a main contact to the band for the day of the wedding – Having a main contact for all your vendors is important. Whether that is a relative, friend, or your wedding planner, Hitch Studio😉, just make sure it is not the bride or groom. You want to enjoy the whole day, getting ready, family, friends, hair, makeup…everything! The last thing you want is to be on the phone with your band or another vendor.


  • Find your venue and then book your band/live music. Make sure you book as soon as you can. Most live music entertainers and bands book at least one year ahead of time. Plan ahead!
  • Do your research! To make sure you hire the best band for your big day talk to an entertainment agency. These agents will know who your best option is based on your criteria.
  • ‘Try the band out’. Whether that means going to see them live or watching videos of them online. Make sure you listen to them before you hire them to get a feel for what kind of band they are and if they are a good fit.        
  • Typically, a band won’t emcee your entire evening like a DJ will. DJ companies are most used to keeping an evening on track with timelines like announcing the speeches, the cake cutting, the toasts, the first dances, etc. If you want your band to emcee, you’ll have to write them a detailed script like I did when I hired the Goodroad Band for my own wedding. Need help with your timeline and script? Hitch Studio helps with that too!

Inspiration for other Wedding Entertainment

  • Dueling Pianos Entertainment
  • Live Painters
  • Magician during your cocktail hour
  • Jazz Band
  • Caricature Artist

Entertainment is an important part of your wedding day. Whether you decide to stick with a DJ, hire a live band, or decide dueling pianos is your thing, Hitch Studio is here to help you plan, along with the Wedding Day Designer that has every detail for your big day right in the palm of your hands.

Goodroad Band. (They changed into man-rompers for our wedding close to Halloween). They were a blast! Photo by Erica Lynn Photography
Blue Eyes Band (Photo by Chelsea Jean Photography)

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