When Rose Gold and Black Make Wedding Magic

Rose gold, black and pearl? Classic wedding magic-making colors right there.

Every wedding touches my heart. I get to know the couples, their mothers, their families and their stories so well. It’s like watching friends walk down the aisle every time. Most of the time I cry. This time I really cried.

This bride has a story all her own — a story of loss and pain, a story of hope and new beginnings, and a story of how she met her  husband. All were told so beautifully on her wedding day in their own way. I’m just so blessed that Hitch Studio could be a part of it. I hope we helped relieve some stress and mixed emotions as your day flew by, so you could focus on friends and family — and all the love coming your way that day. That’s what we’re here for.

We hope we helped make your wedding day as beautiful as your life story is turning out to be! Sending you so much love,

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