Hitch Studio is here to make your event as beautiful and stress-free as possible. Have you heard that that we provide you with centerpiece decorations for free? Yes, free! When you work with Hitch Studio for your event or wedding decorating, all the decor you need is all included in your price. No extra costs. We have everything from rustic elements like wood slabs and cute little logs to elegant florals in many colors. Our vases can match any theme. Light up your reception with brilliant candles and gorgeous lanterns. See our decor collection here.

Hitch Studio takes care of decorating AND packing up and putting everything away at the end of the evening. Our team will provide centerpieces, a head table or stage backdrop, and overall gorgeous reception or event. Here are five reasons why you should enlist Hitch studio to perfect your centerpieces. 

Reason #1: One less expense. Make every penny count!Centerpieces can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. It can be difficult to decide how many vases, flowers, candles, etc. to purchase. It is a pain to return unused items or go back to the store searching for more of an item you loved.  

Reason #2: Did someone say less stress?! Hitch sets up a centerpiece showcase months before your wedding or event so you can mix, match, and choose your centerpieces. Hitch also includes professional photos of your decorations! 

Reason #3: No storage post-wedding or struggling to resell. Wedding decor can take up a lot of space. Some items are so unique and fancy that it can be hard to find something for them to be useful for after the wedding. Rather than having your decor collect dust, let Hitch pitch in. Plus, we probably already have what you have in mind.

Reason #4: Unique and creative styles along with a wide variety of options! Don’t worry about your centerpieces looking like everyone else’s. Here at Hitch, we have a wide variety of unique decorations! Our wedding associates are eager to creatively construct your centerpieces based on your preferences and unique style. Our decor collection isn’t for just anyone. We save these pieces exclusively for the brides and companies we work with for their weddings or corporate events.

Reason #5: Time friendly! DIY may sound like fun, but it can be time consuming to complete each project. We know you are busy with many other things and would love to save you some time. 

Take a look at the Got Milk Gala from this year — as part of Dairy Fest. They chose an earthy theme with marble, wood, tin, and lots of greenery. We set it all up and took it all down for them! We washed the chargers (chargers are also free to use!), and decorated the stage. Decorating your event like this can raise the bar. It sets the tone for the entire event.

Contact Hitch Studio today to see how we can decorate your event and make YOU look like the rockstar! We’re happy to put together a centerpiece showcase for you.

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