Writing the Best Wedding Toast: A Sample Speech for the Bride

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Your heart beat out of your chest while you walked down the aisle — and all eyes were on you. And now one more time today, all eyes are on you…you are giving the thank-you toast at your wedding reception!

You want your wedding speech to be perfect, heartfelt, a little funny, and memorable. Short and sweet, but long enough to make an impact and thank the most important people in your life. Project your voice and speak clearly and sincerely. Have something written down so you don’t forget to thank someone really important and start mumbling. Here are more tips from Zola if you’d like some pointers.

To help you, I’m posting the wedding toast I gave at my own wedding (yep, that’s me — Renee Bauman of Hitch Studio). You certainly don’t have to use all the ideas from here, but at least it’s a starting point!

  • A code for who’s who as you read my speech:
  • Jon — my husband
  • Keith — his dad
  • Loren — my dad
  • Renae — his mom (Funny! Because he has TWO Renee/Renae Bauman in his life now!)
  • Marilyn — my mom
  • Football field — our reception was overlooking the SDSU football field in Brookings, SD, so that’s what the reference to football is all about. 🙂

Borrow what you’d like to help write your own speech…and leave what you don’t. Make it personal and make sure you’re comfortable giving it. Here we go! Here is the speech I gave on my wedding day:

Thank you all so much for being a part of our special day! It’s so humbling to see all of our favorite people in one room here to support us and love us today. 

My first toast is to those loved ones who are watching from heaven. you may be gone, but you are never forgotten—and we know you’re with us today. I would do anything for a grandfather/granddaughter dance tonight. A toast to them…

Cheers to our bridal party! These ladies are my best friends in the whole world. They’ve been there for me through everything. You are all so beautiful today – inside and out. I am so grateful to have such loving, caring, come-as-you-are, welcoming, friends. And these handsome boys. Does it get much better than this?! 

To my new in-laws and family…I officially gained another sister and a brother today – I love you both…and four of the best nieces and nephew I could ever ask for. Kaylee, you were the first one to welcome me at the driveway party last summer when I was still the “newbie” and made me feel like family right away. And yes, Nick, now you can call me Aunt Renee. 

Speaking of Auntie Nay…Russell, Katie and Tenley…you mean the world to me. They say siblings are your first best friends. And what best friend doesn’t throw Ninja Turtle grenades at your head or get your hair wrapped in his remote control car wheels?

Thank you to the Hitch Studio staff for making today a DREAM. I knew I hired the best wedding planners! 😉

Keith and Renae…you raised an amazing son and I am so blessed and lucky to call him my husband! Cheers to amazing husbands! Keith, you can Jon really know how to pick em…you got a pretty good pair of Renae Baumans here.  🙂

Keith…thank you for all you do for Jon and I. Even when Jon’s gone for work, you check in on me and make sure I’m doing okay. Your thoughtfulness makes me feel like I’ve been a daughter-in-law to you for far longer than just today. You’re a steadfast, cheerful man who’s been through more than anyone ever should – and we love you so much.

Renae…you are an angel on this earth. You really are. You are beaming with love and grace…and you would do anything for anyone you love. Your kind words and notes of brighten my days. You are the Renae Bauman that I can only hope I can become more like someday

……..and you have an unbeatable line drive, hit the pin, golf game.  🙂

To my parents…Dad, I get my sense of adventure and my can’t stop, won’t stop, can’t-just-relax- for-a-minute, energy from you. I can call you for anything and you’re always in a good mood. 

Mom…wow do I love you. You are the best friend every daughter wishes she had. We are waaaaay to much alike and I love it! You have a heart the size of that football field – and you always have people’s best interests at heart. I love that you have my back no matter what. I think I’ve said love about 5 times already….but I just love you! Thank you for everything today.

So…to Keith, Renae, Mom, Dad…your strong marriages will inspire ours forever. We love you so much and you did so much for us in preparing for this wedding and marriage. Cheers to family new and old.

Jon….I promise to keep falling in love with you more every day. Jon, cheers to how much I love you. And cheers to all of you who helped us share that love today! Truly, sincerely, thank you all so much!!!

I hope this helps you shape your own wedding toast speech! Need any other wedding decorating or wedding invitation help? How about a Wedding Day Designer (all-inclusive planner/timeline/checklist) to help you plan? Just checking. 🙂 Hitch can help.

Good luck and best wishes always!


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