12 Ways a Wedding Planner Helps You Save Money and Stress

There’s such a big buildup toward the wedding that a lot of engaged women put crazy pressure on themselves. Instead, stop and ask yourself, “How can I make this year as wonderful as my wedding and my future married life?” Love yourself enough to have fun and leave the pressure-ridden details to a wedding planner like Hitch Design Studio! Plus, engaged women spend 30 hours per week planning their wedding. If’ you’re a busy professional, a mom or a student, your time is limited and valuable. Hiring a wedding planner can help you save money and stress.

In South Dakota, hiring a wedding planner might seem like a luxury, an “extra” or a non-necessity. I’m sure you picture Jennifer Lopez with her head set and her pockets full of glue, pins, and an extra set of everything. Well, it’s sort of like that, but with more hard work, lifting, long hours and fun! Hiring Hitch as your wedding planner is really more like getting a coordinator, a stylist, a designer and a detail planner. We can be as involved as you need us to be. Surprisingly, here are 12 ways hiring Hitch as your wedding coordinator can save you money and stress:

  1. Hitch doesn’t charge a flat fee, an hourly rate or a percentage of your overall wedding. Every wedding has different needs, and we don’t want you to pay too much. So we decided to think outside the box — and developed a progressive, intuitive set of worksheets! Together, we sit down and go through each worksheet together, only checking the boxes beside the services that you’ll want on your wedding day, which means you are in total control of your budget the entire time. Each service has a price associated with it, and if you’d like to add or cut any services, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re saving! Contact us to ask for our wedding styling worksheets.
  2. Hiring a wedding coordinator like Hitch can mean discounts to us that most people don’t have access to. Sometimes we get specialty discounts from vendors because we’re such a repeat customer! And good reviews from wedding planners means better business for them. When we get discounts, we pass them on to you! It also makes you spend your money more wisely because we can negotiate a great deal.
  3. We keep an itemized list of details that need to be done — and keep you updated along the way. In fact, we have a “Keep You Informed Meter” where you get to tell us exactly how much information you want as we style the details of your wedding and reception!
  4. We help you set a realistic wedding budget (and make sure to stick to it). We can help you navigate vendors — which ones are most expensive and which ones provide the best value. By knowing the ins and outs of the wedding industry, we can save you TONS of phone calls! We just know stuff like that. Although we do make recommendations, the final decisions is always yours, of course!
  5. We can devise you a master plan that maps out all the little details (from dessert table to flowers) not to overwhelm you, but to make sure that every detail is covered. It’s our job to advise, inform, and inspire you, all under your watchful eye.
  6. Hitch knows the most original reception locations in and near Brookings! We know how many they hold, if you need to rent port potties, if you can have open flames, and all other details. We’ve done a ton of research on outdoor weddings in Brookings!
  7. We can read over all your vendor contracts and get all details for rental pick-ups and return in order. Leave it to us! Because the rental business in Brookings isn’t open on Sundays, we return all items on Monday morning, instead of your family sticking around to make arrangements for a Monday drop off. Leave the heavy lifting and rental returns to us. Ahhh…stress free for you already.
  8. We can serve as your spokesperson, conveying your every whim and desire to vendors and family when you just can’t deal with answering all those questions or phone calls yourself. We are your errand-runners, your therapist (keeping you happy and focused on the wedding), your friend, organizer, negotiator, your calm among the storm. Hitch has been know to also be a medic, an emcee, a florist, a wedding etiquette expert and a rolodex of vendor information. We’re pretty valuable.  🙂
  9. We know wedding and invitation etiquette. If you’re not sure what order people should stand in the receiving line, or who gives speeches first, or how to address your invitation when there’s a sticky situation, we are trained to know those things. No need for hours of research or panic at the last moment. We know what’s trendy and what’s a faux pas at a wedding. For lots of wedding etiquette tips, visit our Twitter page.
  10. It’s true. We carry command strips, scissors, and extra set of flip flops, tape, clips — about anything you may need in a what-do-we-do-now situation. We’re prepared for the unexpected. We improvise if needed. We’re always ready. Well….now we just sound like a boy scout troop. And we always leave a space better than we found it.
  11. If you have a really demanding job or you have high aspirations for your wedding that are going to take a lot to pull off, you’re planning a destination wedding, or you just need some professional help making some choices, a wedding planner is the perfect solution for you. You get to make all of the decisions; we just do the legwork, hire vendors, negotiate contracts, and take care of the small details so you don’t get overwhelmed. You are supposed to enjoy this engagement period, remember?!  🙂
  12. Many venues have so many events booked, that you are only allowed to start decorating for your reception the day of your wedding. Yikes! You’re supposed to be getting your hair done, giggling with your girlfriends and starting your photography session — that doesn’t leave much time for directing the set up of your reception. Enter Hitch. We’re happy to bring the staff needed to decorate, keep the flowers fresh, and nail down all the details for you!

Your wedding day will go on without a hitch, we’re sure. But if the bakery delivers the wrong cake, the speakers blow during the first dance, you need more tables set for an unexpected amount of guests, or your photo session is taking too long…any variety of scenarios, really…your wedding planner is your go-to so you can stay stress free and beautiful. We promise. You should feel comfortable leaving everything in our hands while you’re having your girls’ spa day.

Contact Hitch today to see if your date is available and to get a copy of the Wedding Day Designer to help you have an even smoother, beautiful day!

By: Renee Halgerson, Hitch Design Studio, Owner/Designer

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