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Archive for October 2018

When Rose Gold and Black Make Wedding Magic

Rose gold, black and pearl? Classic wedding magic-making colors right there. Every wedding touches my heart. I get to know the couples, their mothers, their families and their stories so well. It’s like watching friends walk down the aisle every time. Most of the time I cry. This time I really cried. This bride has…

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Dusty Purple and Gray Wedding

Can we just say that dusty purple has been THE popular color of 2018! Check out all these blogs we’ve posted about dusty purple weddings in the last five months: Dusty purple, black and silver wedding Dusty purple, plum, and multiple shades of purple in a wedding color scheme Dusty purple and blush pink wedding…

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Everlasting Wedding Gifts: What to Get Your Wedding Party

Your wedding day is a celebration that takes months (sometimes years!) to plan. There’s a lot of pressure to get every detail right, and it can feel impossible to do it all on your own. While some hire professional help (here’s some reasons to hire Hitch!), many depend on their wedding party to help with…

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Floral Arches for Every Wedding Style

Here at Hitch, we love using flowers for your wedding day! A way to make a HUGE statement with your decor is to considering a floral arch. Why? It’s one of the few decor pieces that all of your guests are going to see! Wedding arches frame your ceremony and highlight some of the most…

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