30 Real Things a Wedding Coordinator Could Do on Your Wedding Day (So Mom Can Relax and Enjoy It)

Brides, do you realize who is going to appreciate your decision to hire a wedding coordinator more than anyone at your wedding? (Pssst…no, it’s not you!) It’s your mom!

Yes, you’ll love working with Hitch Studio (or any wedding coordinator) during the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding day. They’ll capture every detail you wanted. But, on that final wedding day it will be your dear and loving mother who actually gets to enjoy the wedding because you and your fiancé decided to hire a wedding coordinator.


Here’s a list of 30 things that Hitch Studio (or any wedding planner) could do on your wedding day that would normally fall on the shoulders of the mother of the bride:

  1. Answer the last minute phone call from the florist about the location of the church for flower drop off. (Or pick the flowers up ourselves because the florist is running late!)
  2. Contact the church janitor to find out where the key is to unlock the bride room.
  3. Make last minute adjustments to the church décor after flowers arrive.
  4. Make sure your programs are out on the table in the foyer, along with your grandmother’s special lace table cloth.
  5. Show the cake vendor where to put the cake and keep it refrigerated until the perfect time.
  6. Pin flowers on the grandmas and grandpas who arrive early for pictures.
  7. Remind the ushers that it’s almost time to start.
  8. Find that one rowdy groomsmen who’s missing from your photos…and buttoning his jacket correctly.
  9. Greet any guests who may arrive early to the reception. Take their card/gift, ask them to sign the guest book and welcome them to help themselves to the appetizers and bar.
  10. Stand in the back of the church to help line up the wedding party. Of course, the sweet flower girl and ring bearer can’t remember their spot in the order!
  11. Show the DJ where you’d like the up-lighting around your reception hall.
  12. Take the wedding gifts from the church to the reception — and pack them up to take home at the end of the evening.
  13. Double check with the caterer about the gluten-free options for your new sister-in-law.
  14. Refill the “snack & candy” table when the caterer is too busy with last-minute meal prep. (Often times caterers don’t handle “outside food” like your aunt’s homemade mints, your cupcake bar or the chocolate fountain.)
  15. Bring breakfast to the salon for the girls getting their hair and makeup done, including the monogramed napkins and mimosas.  🙂
  16. Decorate the entire reception hall AND take it all down at the end of the evening.
  17. Knowing all the details of your wedding, so you can tell the out-of-town guests where the hotel is located, which tables get dismissed first for the buffet, what time speeches are starting and how late the dance goes. (And answer the “Where’s the restroom?” question 17 times.)
  18. Set up chairs for your outdoor ceremony, put down the dance floor, and do all the heavy lifting and hauling of large decor items.
  19. Put out extra pens at the guest book table — and at the guest tables because you asked them to fill out “advice” cards for the bride & groom.
  20. Give the lost DJ directions to your reception venue.
  21. Put out the iced tea your mom forgot in her trunk.
  22. Heat up the home-made hot fudge for your ice cream station.
  23. Pop the popcorn all night for your guests.
  24. Clear tables of used dishes and silverware.
  25. Start your wedding slideshow (including find a power source, playing your music and getting the screen ready).
  26. Fix the broken patio door of the reception hall.
  27. Make sure the under 21 year-olds don’t get served the champagne toast at the head table.
  28. Collect the wedding favors at the end of the evening so they don’t get thrown away.
  29. Repurpose your fresh flowers at the end of the night (packing your smaller arrangements into a couple larger arrangements for you to use the next day at the brunch/gift opening or to gift to grandparents or hostesses.)
  30. Help your mom with anything she needs: the lipstick she forgot in the dressing room, the out-of-place curl that needs repining, adjusting her fancy dress, and more. Not only are the Hitch associates YOUR go-to wedding coordinators, but they’re also there for anyone else needing anything…like your mother.

Don’t you think your mom deserves all of this? After all, she is the one who told you two years ago that this guy was a great catch! Plus, she’s dealing with enough family details. Leave the wedding details up to the specialists and let that part be stress free so your mom enjoy the day.

At Hitch, we want to help everyone involved with your wedding enjoy the big day — you, the groom, the mother-of-the-bride and all of the guests. Make sure it’s stress free, organized, and ENJOYABLE. Contact us today to set up a consultation about our wedding services!

(Photo by 283 Photography)

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