The Value of a Sincere Thank You for our Hitch Employees

What’s in the art of a sincere thank you? In written form, it pours from the heart of the one who holds the pen. In spoken form, it’s seen in the eyes, heard from the sincerity in your voice and felt from a hug. Although they express their appreciate in both ways listed above, Hitch likes to show its gratitude in party form!

Carrie Kuhl and Renee Halgerson, owners of Hitch Studio, started Hitch over 18 months ago and they know wholeheartedly they couldn’t have done it by themselves. They started Hitch Studio with four specializations in mind:

  1. A brick and mortar retail store full of curated high-end stationery and well designed items like scarves, jewelry, mugs, cards and gift items.
  2. Graphic design services like website design, logo design, marketing collateral, brochures, and much more.
  3. Wedding planner and event coordinator services — from designing your day to styling your tables.
  4. Designing custom wedding invitations

With this mix of services, the days get long and the work gets heavy. Carrie and Renee knew that going into this business, though. What they didn’t expect was an outpouring of support from the Brookings community, family and friends. Seriously, they couldn’t have tied all those bows, filled all that confetti, or taken off those chair sashes until 4 a.m. without those helpers.

What fills their hearts even more is giving back to SDSU, the place both have their degrees from. They’ve hired three interns from South Dakota State University so the students could fill their required internship credits. Last night, all these people came together in one place for a Hitch Appreciation Dinner at the Old Market in Brookings, SD.

It was such a great night! Carrie and Renee were surrounded by 20 of their closest Hitch friends, family and supporters. They even gave away awards!

  • The “Mind Reader” award went to….Kayla McEldowney.
  • The “Crazy Client Whisperer and Original Intern” award went to….Bridgette Nelson.
  • The “Cutest Tattoo” award went to…Sydney Sparks.
  • The “Best Smiling Table Decorator” award went to…Brooke Lewandowski.
  • The “Detail Ninja” award went to…Natalie Krueger.
Not pictured: Sydney Sparks and Natalie Krueger
Not pictured: Sydney Sparks and Natalie Krueger

Of course, at a Hitch party, everyone is a winner. All five interns got matching necklaces and bracelets and gift boxes full of other lovely things. All the guests got free passes into McCrory Gardens and Hitch notepads. It was THE most fun night of the season. (We think so, anyway.)

Seriously, though. Hitch would not be what it is today without the (often not paid what they’re worth) helpers. To our friends, family, and Hitch family — we love you all.

Winner of the "Mind Reader" award. :)
Winner of the “Mind Reader” award. 🙂

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