5 Ways to Know if Hiring a Wedding Planner is Right For You

We know you’re a do-it-yourselfer. We’re from the Midwest too! But when budgets, patience, and helpers start running low, your wedding stress level spikes. This is the one of the happiest times in your life and we want to keep it that way. It’s our promise to you that if you decide to hire a wedding planner (we prefer “wedding stylist”, but either way!), we will take care of the details that are becoming overwhelming and give you peace of mind as we help you navigate the options. Hitch Studio in Brookings, South Dakota knows the vendors, the venues, the tips and tricks to Midwest weddings and we can save you from hours of unnecessary research and stress.

Here are five questions to ask yourself in order to decide whether or not you could benefit from a wedding stylist:

  1. Do you have a flexible job that allows you to leave for vendor meetings or make calls during the day? If not, Hitch can make all those phone calls and do all that research for you. We can help you navigate meetings and contracts that need to be signed, scanned and emailed, and much more. Are you having a destination wedding? Calling during “island time” can also be challenging.
  2. Do you have hundreds of free hours to work on your wedding? The average brides spends 120-300 hours planning her wedding. Having Hitch recommend the best vendors will save you HOURS of research because we already know who the best (and worst) vendors are! We’ll make sure you find a venue, limo, DJ, florist, cake, or caterer in your budget and one that fits your personality. The ultimate decision is yours — we just offer solutions in every price range for you (and recommend who might be best to avoid).
  3. Do you want to be at the receiving end of tons of questions on your wedding day? If you don’t hire Hitch to help style your wedding, that’s ok! But we still highly recommend having an “Ask Anyone But the Bride” contact sheet to pass out to the wedding party and personal contacts. Do you get stressed easily? You don’t want 50 questions the morning of your wedding about small details like “Where should the caterer park?” and “Where can we store the chairs after the ceremony?” and “How do you tie these bows around each chair cover?” and “What time do the rentals need to be back?” and “Where’s the missing usher from the photos?”. Have someone else…anyone else…be in charge of answering those questions. May we recommend Hitch Studio? We’ll take care of all those details and be your go-to on your wedding day! It’s like having a clone of yourself; someone who knows as much as you do about when the piano is arriving, everything about your back-up rain plan, and when to serve the late night snacks. We’ve got this. And you’re worry free.  🙂
  4. Will your family and friends be there to help set up and take down your wedding decorations? You’ll need some pretty great helpers to help you put together centerpieces exactly how you envisioned and some pretty sober people to take them all down at the end of the night (including the dance floor, the head table curtains, the top tier of your cake, your champagne flutes, the guest book, your floral centerpieces…everything.) Not interested in assigning those tasks to your wedding guests? We can help. It’s kinda what we do. We can help put everything up and take everything down. And we mean EVERYTHING, so it gets back to you in perfect condition and in perfect order.
  5. Do you thrive on details without getting overwhelmed? Do you enjoy putting together table decor and room designs? If so, congrats! If not, we can help you with all these things. We’ve helped brides in South Dakota and Minnesota put together amazing and perfect wedding days, and yours can be next. We love details, lists, sticky notes, lists of our lists, and folders full of reference material. We love it all. If you’re the type that says “I’ll know what I like when I see it, but I couldn’t put it together myself”, then Hitch offers the perfect thing for you: a centerpiece showcase full of styled centerpieces, so you can choose your favorite looks for the tables! If details aren’t your thing, Hitch can help with everything from flowers, centerpieces, chair rentals, caterers and DJ, to cake, venues, linens, room layout, wedding timeline, and transportation. If you’re getting married outdoors or having a reception in a tent or barn, you’ll have some extra considerations that Hitch can also help with. Need help choosing a barn in the Brookings area?

If you said no, to one or more of these questions, we recommend hiring a professional wedding planner/wedding stylist/wedding coordinator like Hitch Studio before you stress yourself out to your breaking point. Planning a wedding should be enjoyable! It’s a serious commitment of extra time and resources, and we’re here to help so yours don’t run low.

If you’re interested in setting up a free consultation, stop into Hitch to get your hands on our wedding styling worksheets, so you know just how much help you’ll need and what to budget for your peace of mind. Carrie Kuhl is from DeSmet, SD and I (Renee Halgerson) am originally from Madison, SD, so we know what it’s like to need some small town expertise. Hitch Studio specializes in helping towns that may be a little under-served when it comes to wedding planning options. We have proudly served brides from these communications for wedding styling, wedding invitations and event planning:

  • Brookings, SD
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Mitchell, SD
  • Brandon, SD
  • Watertown, SD
  • Aberdeen, SD
  • Madison, SD
  • Marshall, MN
  • Fergus Falls, MN
  • Canby, MN
And we look forward to serving many, many more. Hitch is your wedding planner in the Brookings + 75 mile radius. We love helping brides in the southwest Minnesota area too! Contact us today to get started.
You can also purchase the Wedding Day Designer to help you to start planning your wedding day!

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