Blush Pink, Sparkle, Cranberry and Greenery Wedding in Brookings, SD

This wedding is just one of the million reasons we love to work in Brookings, SD! This couple owns the Old Market and Craft Italian Fusion restaurants and chose to hold their wedding reception inside Craft for the evening! If you’ve ever been to one of these restaurants, you know they are the shining dining spots in Brookings and Jesse & Lindsey’s wedding followed suit. They’re wedding was nothing short of shining.

Take a look at the sequined rose gold table linens Lindsey chose, accented with lacy sparkle table runners down her tables!

Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece3_web Lindsey&Jesse_GuestBookTable_web

Even their head table had sequined rose gold sparkles and ivory rosettes with candles flickering behind them below the fireplace. It was so romantic during their evening reception. Take a look at a few details from their head table.

Lindsey&Jesse_HeadTable1_web Lindsey&Jesse_HeadTable2_web Lindsey&Jesse_HeadTable3_web

Lindsey is one of the best bakers in all of Brookings, so it’s no surprise that she baked her own cake and cupcakes for the occasion! Together, they had lots of personal details that went into this wedding.


Have I mentioned that her colors were a burst of neutrals, blush pink, greenery and cranberry/wine color? The color palette is beautiful and her centerpieces were just that!

Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece8_web Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece7_web Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece6_web Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece5_web Lindsey&Jesse_Centerpiece4_web

And finally, take a look at how their entire room turned out inside Craft. It was such a pleasure to work with you and see your wedding be as beautiful as the both of you!

Lindsey&Jesse_WholeRoom2_web Lindsey&Jesse_WholeRoom3_web

Congrats, Lindsey & Jesse!

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