Centerpiece Styling Now at Hitch Studio!

Hitch Studio is proud to announce the launch of Centerpiece Styling!! If you’re getting married (or planning a corporate event) and need centerpieces, THIS is for you.

Hitch Studio has pre-designed eight different centerpieces for you, all ranging in price from $10-$20 each. It comes with a vase, the ivory flowers to fill the vase, and at least one flickering flameless candle. Easy peasy. If you’re having a rustic wedding, choose one of our four rustic options. If you’re having a glam wedding, choose one of our two mercury glass options. If you’re having a classic wedding, we have a dusty blue and gold-dipped class options as well.

The best part? You get to customize them with your wedding colors!! Take a look at all the flower colors we have so you can customize these neutral centerpieces!

Here’s our rental options:

Flower colors to choose from:

  • burgundy
  • burnt yellow
  • eggplant purple
  • camel
  • dusty purple
  • blush pink
  • sunflowers

Trendy custom-dyed cheesecloth runners to choose from:

  • dusty blue
  • deep dusty blue
  • dusty rose
  • deep burgundy
  • navy blue (cotton/poly)

Chargers to choose from

  • gold
  • silver
  • rose gold
  • wood

Greenery to choose from:

  • eucalyptus sprigs
  • lambs ear sprigs
  • eucalyptus garlands

Candles to choose from (batteries included):

  • 3-inch
  • 5-inch
  • 7-inch

Each have a listed price and quantity when you come into Hitch Studio and place your order!

Here are the centerpiece options you can choose from, along with color customizing.
Here’s what your standard neutral centerpieces can look like when you color customize them!

We are only renting these centerpieces out to ONE bride per weekend, so for a $50 down payment, get YOUR name and wedding date and OUR calendar so nobody else takes it! The only catch…we are booking these centerpieces only four months in advance. So, for example, if your wedding lands between today, June 28 and October 28, RENT AWAY!! If your wedding is next summer…say June 28, 2020…you’ll have to wait until February 28, 2020 to place your order. But you can still come into Hitch and know exactly what you’d like to rent so you’re ready to go.

You can add your own DIY touches, your own ribbon, anything you’d like!

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. You choose your centerpieces at Hitch Studio, place your rental order, and put down your $50 deposit.

Step 2. We pack up your order and have it ready for you.

Step 3. You pick up your order two days before your wedding or event.

Step 4. You decorate your wedding with the items!

Step 5. You return the items on the first business day after your event (typically on Monday. We’re open 10-6 during the week.)

Stop into Hitch Studio today to start color-customizing any of these eight centerpieces for YOUR big day! We have the order form on-site to get you started. Want to choose centerpieces virtually? We can send you the electronic order form as well.

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