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Have you wondered why Hitch posts so much content of Schadé Vineyard & Winery? We are here to answer your question!

And if you have not heard about Schadé before, read all about them here!

Hitch is independently contracted with Schadé to manage the wedding side of their business. Although we are no wine experts, we sure do know a thing or two about weddings and events! This partnership all started when Dillon, owner of Schadé, started to get more inquiries about hosting weddings and events at the Winery. After feeling-out the first couple of weddings at the vineyard, he quickly realized that these requests for weddings were only going to grow. With Hitch Studio being the closest wedding planning business to Schadé, it was clear this was where Dillon needed to turn for advice. After a long discussion together, Dillon and Renee, owner of Hitch Studio, came up with the plan to contract Hitch as their venue management company! This turned out to be SUCH a great match! Dillon and his amazing team could focus on what they do best – making delicious, local wine – and Renee and her team could focus on creating the BEST wedding experience for all the amazing Schadé couples!

We want to answer a few more questions we often get asked about our partnership!

Are you curious what each of our planner’s favorite part about venue management is?

We sat each of them down and here is what they said:

Schadé’s partnership is a whole new area of growth, for not only the team at Hitch, but also the team at Schadé! I think it’s important to build relationships with other business owners in the industry and especially the ones in our community. Hitch and Schadé are a team that strengthens ties in the community by creating a welcoming and organized place to celebrate all occasions, not just weddings! That has to be my favorite part – seeing the community utilize the space we are part of.

renee bauman

It truly opened my eyes to the moving parts behind what venue managers do. I never really realized all the work that goes into the set-up, preparations, and tear down. Most vendors like decorators, DJs, florists, etc. show up to the clean, ready-to-go facility on the day of the wedding and don’t think anything of it. Being on the venue side of weddings in my career now has blossomed an appreciation for the work and skill required of venue owners and managers.

natalie hoyes

Something that I love about venue management, is that each day is so unique! I love some variety in my day-to-day and I definitely get that at Schadé. Each wedding has its own character – whether it’s the setup style, decor theme or even different guest lists – we get to experience it all and I thoroughly enjoy the variety and challenges that we overcome.
I especially love the partnership that we have with the Schadé staff; there’s mutual respect for each other’s role but beyond that, we have developed relationships that have turned into friendships.

natalie page

Is it wrong to say Fred, the vineyard dog? He’s at the top of my list. Another big reason I love venue managing would be the switch up of jobs. Working in my position is like wearing two hats, which means two separate skill sets, two separate lists of rules, two separate teams, two separate client needs. I never get bored at this job, because I always get to do or accomplish something new on both sides – wedding planning and venue managing. I also love watching both worlds come together. When a couple chooses Hitch and Schadé together for their wedding, I get to team up with another one of the wedding planners/venue managers at Hitch and we can work on a wedding together. It’s truly the best when you can bounce ideas off of each other and you are both going toward the same goal. I also know that she has my back when the planning process or wedding day gets stressful. Nothing ever gets missed, either, because if one person is busy with a task, the other person jumps right in to help. Everything is so much better when you have a teammate or two on a wedding day!

lyric gruenhagen

We LOVE Schadé and the amazing amenities they offer, but we support our couples at whatever venue they wish! There are such different styles, budgets, travel needs of each couple that there is just no way Schadé could suit all of those needs. Hitch is here to make your day beautiful and help you decide which venue is the best fit!

How lucky are we to be partnered with one of the newest and most unique venues in South Dakota?! The management team, tasting room attendants, bartending staff, and vineyard staff are the most caring, fun, responsible, and hard-working people we know, and we couldn’t ask for a better partnership.

Interested in booking your wedding with either of these two dream teams? Reach out today at info@hitchstudio.com or info@schadevineyard.com to find out more on how this amazing duo can make your dream wedding happen!!

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